In 2006, Jay-Z released a song where he rapped, “30′s the new 20″ despite the fact that he was way closer to 40 than 30. People laughed at him for being out of touch — an old man in a young man’s game, rapping about how being old was really a cool new way of being young. As Jay himself would has said, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.” After all, there aren’t a lot of big-time 40-year-old rappers. Just ask KRS-One and Chuck D.

Similarly, there aren’t a lot of successful 42-year-old basketball players, unless you’re a huge Kevin Willis fan. But that doesn’t matter to the Dallas Mavericks who are thisclose to agreeing to pay Jason Kidd $3 million a year to play basketball for the next three season. From ESPN:

Jason Kidd appears prepared to end his career where he started it — with the Dallas Mavericks.

The 39-year-old is closing in on a multiyear deal, a source close to the situation said. The source said the deal is not completed, but barring any snags, Kidd will close out his career alongside Dirk Nowitzki.

Sources with knowledge of the deal specifics told’s Marc Stein that Kidd’s contract will be a three-year deal worth $9 million, taking him to age 42 if he plays it all the way out.

Yiiiiikes. Unless the Mavericks can find a Kanye figure to rejuvenate Jason Kidd, this is Bad News Bears. A 3-year contract for Jason Kidd? That’s like signing up for a 30-year mortgage when you’re 65 or some other age-based analogy where you are making an ill-advised investment because one of the involved parties is super old. Might as well just bring John Stockton back from the grave.

But who knows. Maybe Jason Kidd will literally find the Fountain of Youth, Ponce de Léon style, and bounce back from the worst season of his career. And then follow that up by keeping the Fountain a secret so he can continue to drink from it for the next two seasons. Barring that, this seems like way too long of a contract for someone so old who is probably best suited as a backup at this point in his career, unless there is some sort of special Social Security dispensation we’re not aware of. If that’s the case, great move.

UPDATE: Haha, nope — Jason Kidd is going to be a Knick now. Weird.

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  1. “Give me some Raptor news”

    Lowry to Toronto. Nice little consolation prize for missing out on Nash.

  2. With all these old dudes hanging around the league they should change the rookie/sophomore game to the rookie/old dudes game. The best rookies vs the oldest dudes. They could even let old guys who don’t actually play, anymore but still want to, into the game. I bet Allen Houston and Penny Hardaway would be down.

  3. I just wanna say, old rappers haven’t been as successful because rap is still a relatively new music genre. It only really started to be profitable during the late 80′s. People around my age who grew up listening to hip-hop are going to continue buying new records from guys like Nas and Outkast even though they’re in their 40′s now, just like older rock fans who grew up listening to it will still buy a new Eagles record.

    • I for my part will do exactly that. Oh and I’ll keep buying Punk Rock albums from people in their fifties only because I listened to their stuff as a teen when they were in their late twenties. (Die Toten Hosen, for the record.)

      So Dallas just stays with Kidd because of the past.

  4. Pretty amazing (and subtle) Photoshop work there.

  5. Kidd said he wants to play 2 years and retire. This deal is probably stretched out over three to be less of a cap hit, and Kidd will still get his money in year 3. He had the worst season of his career because he was being saved for the playoffs. I hope that the same ridiculous jokes about age are made when Steve Nash’s contract is signed. That man hasn’t played defense since ’98 but we laud him for inflated offensive numbers. It’s not too difficult playing just one end of the floor.

  6. So Kidd just signed with the Knicks….what do we say about this.

  7. Dirk also seems disinterested in the future. How do you go to Wimbledon to watch tennis just before you are allowed to speak to Deron Williams and make your pitch? It seems to me that he has checked out mentally, and that they’ll hold onto their cap space until next summer. Best of luck with that.

  8. Bad complexion Jason Kidd looks kinda like Jameer Nelson.

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