Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Philadelphia 76ers will use the amnesty clause on Elton Brand to clear the remaining $18.2 million from his contract. This would have been the final year in the absurd five-year, $79.8 million contract they signed Brand to in July 2008.

The Brand signing was one of the league’s most shocking moves in recent years because it occurred after a season in which he had missed all but eight games because of a ruptured Achilles tendon. I’m not a doctor, but I thought that signing a player like that to a massive, long-term contract seemed like a really, really terrible idea. Sure enough, Brand in Philly was no longer the dominant low-post presence who gave you a guaranteed 20 points, 10 rebounds and two blocks per game. Last season, he made $17 million while averaging 11 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.6 blocks in 28.9 minutes. Assuming Sixers ownership would go along with it, using the amnesty clause on Brand was a no-brainer.

With the cap room cleared by this move, Wojnarowski reports that Philly will sign Nick Young to a one-year, $6 million deal. This is a pretty good sign that the Sixers are going to let Lou Williams sign elsewhere, partially because he’ll almost certainly command a higher salary. As for Brand, he’ll be a useful third big man on another team next year — Marc Stein tweeted that the Mavericks might be in the hunt to claim him off the amnesty wire.

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  1. I’m pretty sure a team claiming Brand on the amnesty waiver doesn’t have to pay his full salary. The Clips didn’t pay Billups’ full salary last year. Teams under the cap put in bids for the ‘amnestied’ player, and then the player goes to whichever team bid the most on him.

  2. Mavs are definitely bidding on that contract, given that apparently absolutely nobody in the entire league wants to play there.

  3. I think the Sixers may have all the ‘Young’s in the league. Thad, Nick, Sam… who else?

  4. As much as Philly needs a jump shooter, that’s way too much for Nick Young and if the Sixers were going to spend their money on Nick Young. I guess the Brand moves shows a dedication to improving the franchise from a theoretical standpoint, but it’s not like this move is making the team a playoff series better.

    • Nick Young on a 1-year deal is great value in this market. I’m not a huge fan of Young but it gives the Sixers the shooter they’ve been looking for, plus, it keeps their cap flexible heading into next offseason.

  5. Wasn’t Brand’s horrific contract orchestrated by one Ed Stefanski?

  6. I don’t get this amnesty thing. I mean the 76ers still have to pay Brand his salary (less the bid, if there is one). Without cap holds, the team was at 50 million in salary for next year, taking Brand off opens up salary cap room. I would understand opening that room up for a guy worth it, but SwaggyP? Is a Brand for Nick Young switch a sound basketball move? Does it improve the culture? Does it make economic sense?

    Which of these options seems better to you:
    A) Elton Brand @ 1 year, 18M. You could trade him during the season to a team trying to clear space, or let him go and have cap space. Your choice.
    B) Nick Young @1 year, 24M.

    • Whatchu talking ’bout mah boi? Nick Young was signed to only 6 million for 1 year.

      • Mr K is referring to the fact that you still have to pay Elton Brand (at least most of his salary) even though his salary doesn’t count towards the cap.

  7. I feel with TBJ on hiatus it is someone’s job to point out the potential awesome puns that can be made due to the fact that Detroit’s summer league team has players named Knight and Daye.

  8. We need Rounders updates!

  9. I just wish there was a way the Lakers could’ve picked him up, but damn Dallas will definitely get better with him. They lost a lot, so they will really need to gain a lot. Terry was a big loss. I also heard Kaman is interested in going to the Mavs somehow.

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