It is a scientific fact that between the ages of 22-40, every single person who you have spent more than 48 hours with will get married and you will be invited to their weddings. I read that in a journal somewhere or made it up. One of the two. Nonetheless, it certainly feels that way, as I will be traveling back to the United States this week for a visit during which I will attend two weddings on two straight weekends.

As such, posting is going to be light from now until July 17, when things get back to normal. There should be an episode of The Fix sometime next week to talk about a bunch of offseason stuff, and I imagine there will some posts here and there from various contributors. I’m taking my computer with and can rarely resist the magnetic pull of making jokes on the internet, so maybe I’ll even pop in from time to time.

Just don’t expect much for the next week. We’ll all be active on Twitter, no doubt, but the blog will be slow. Then come July 17, back to your regularly scheduled posting. We’ll all miss each other, I’m sure, but we can get through this. Talk soon.