Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s special NBA free agency podcast, Skeets, Tas and Leigh attempt to weigh in on nearly every trade, transaction and rumor imaginable. Can the Magic hurry up and decide what they’re going to do with Dwight? Which team has had the roughest summer? And with Nash going to the Lakers — still can’t believe that happened, by the way — are Jeremy Lin and Kyle Lowry respectable “backup” plans?

All that, plus amnesties, Jeff Green question marks, and a little Gustavo Ayon — let the rhythm take you over!

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. I’ll be listening on my ride home, but I’m expecting a Rounders update.

  2. You should definitely listen then (no, you shouldn’t).

  3. Marvin Williams has a ETO in the 2nd year, and his contract value goes down in 13/14. And, well, looking at the Jazz contracts on the books right now, it’s not like he breaks their cap aspirations.

    • As a Hawks fan, I’m glad to see Marvin go, but I actually do think he’ll do better in Utah. He’s a good candidate for the “change of scenery” effect. He needs to go somewhere that he doesn’t have the CP3 thing hanging over his head.

  4. I just stopped having Gustavo Ayon in my head this past week. Now it just came back.

    Not too mad about it.

  5. As a Magic fan, it’s easy to say “just get Bynum, because he’s the best player available”, which he is, but what do the Magic gain in the long-term by making that trade? He’s just as immature as Dwight, more injury-prone, and he’ll be gone as soon as he’s a FA in 2013. I’d much rather have some draft picks and expiring deals, and just do a rebuild w/ young players and the vets we still have, hopefully follow the SA/OKC model to success. The Magic are in no rush to make a deal, nor should they be. GM Rob Hennigan needs to do what’s in the best interests of the Orlando Magic, not Dwight Howard, or the Brooklyn Nets, or anyone else.

    • Is that’s the case, then deal Dwight to Houston. The Rockets now have a world of opportunity.

      • Exactly, or, I hear ATL was offering AL Horford and Jeff Teague. Not sure if that’s true or not, but it’s attractive, much more than the trash Brooklyn was offering. I’m glad the Magic didn’t (yet) get suckered into making that deal in order to appease everyone’s desire of quickly “ending the Dwight saga”, or wetting media’s appetite of putting another superteam in NY. They are under no obligations to do that guy any favors by giving him what he wants.

        • I don’t think anybody really knows what Ferry has offered, but I’ve gotta think that Teague+Horford was conditional on Dwight signing an extension. I can see Ferry taking a risk on Dwight, but not quite THAT much of a risk.

    • I hope the Magic get something good out of this. Coming from a Raps fan, i know what its like to get absolutely NOTHING in return when you trade your star player. They should just keep Dwight and let him rot on the bench. Damn players are too whiny these days.

  6. Sorry I know you guys are in Toronto but there’s no way you can say that the Landry Fields contract isn’t that bad 5 minutes after you say that Lin is being overpaid. They are getting the same money over 3 years and then Lin’s 4th year is a team option. I’m a Knicks fan so I watched all the games and even if Lin doesn’t blow up every night like he did for that miraculous stretch last season and is just a good starting point guard there’s way more value there than in Landry (who is a great guy and I’ll miss) but at the end of the day is a big shooting guard that can’t shoot.

    But then there’s always the chance the Knicks match as they are already in luxury tax land. What’s a little more of James Dolan’s money to them? They’ll make it up selling Lin jerseys!

    Great show guys!

  7. I knew I wasn’t getting Roundball updates or the pun gun, but where’s all the drops??? No Kenny Smith Gimmie Some Raptor News? Your board still works right?

  8. As a Suns fan, I’m happy to say your analysis bummed me out.

  9. Carmelo didn’t do anything wrong and refused to speak publicly about any potential trades. All the guy did was refuse to sign a max extension, which is his right, and then privately inform the Nuggets where he would sign a deal so the Nuggets could S&T. Sports media alone is to blame for the Melo drama.

  10. Oh, I also think JR Smith’s deal reeks of salary cap tampering. Knicks will have his bird rights next year and he’ll get a real deal. There’s no way the market for Smith was this bad.

    • I’ve wondered the same the past few years. An athletic, albeit streaky, player like him is worth way more than $2.8million for two years.

    • I thought you needed three full years out of Free Agency for bird rights to take effect? I might be wrong but won’t JR only have two at the end of this?

  11. Let me hear some of that Wolves talk

    1. Kevin Love’s ETO is after year 3
    2. Still a lot of hope among the faithful that Batum will not be matched. I mean, he probably will, but it isn’t so open-and-close. At least not yet. (If PDX keeps him, there has been a lot of smoke around Iggy as well)
    3. No love for the Russian Ricky Rubio, Alexey Shved?

    If this Korver deal goes through, I expect Chicago to get Luke Ridnour to back up Kirk and Teague. Korver would be a good addition to the pack, but he could also be included in a potential S&T for Batum. Wolves are offering Derrick Williams, Martell’s buyout package and Brad Miller’s expiring. Wes Johnson could be added if Portland wanted him. If the Wolves get Batum, I expect them to sign Greg Stiemsma and call it an offseason. If they don’t get Batum (or Iggy), they have interest in Courtney Lee and Jordan Hill.

  12. What makes really turns me off in terms of Dwight here is the fact that he just signed up for another year. So – he could be a free agent right now. It’s not like he signed years ago and has been squandered – he JUST SIGNED UP for this extra year. So……it’s hard for me to sympathize with him at all. Orlando should only make a deal if it works for them. I think they’d be better off letting Dwight walk and getting the cap relief than taking on Brook Lopez and a bunch of crap with him. Get a great package back or don’t move him.

  13. OD on a Wednesday? You guys just made my flight tomorrow morning so so so so much better. Cheers

  14. Finally an overdose! Phew.. my hands started to shake without the fix. Thanks!
    As for the wolves: pleeeease no more white dudes! Just get batum already! Frickin’ Portland. ..
    What would trey say if he’d been in the studio: gustavo AAAA-yon!

    what would gustavos dream be if he was of Jewish origin: gustavo ZIOOOON! (Tas voice. duh)
    (On a related note: what would Anthony Davis’ trademark nickname be if he was of Jewish origin: hebrow)

  15. A couple of things that you guys missed:

    - Milwaukee added Sam Dalembert
    - Australia finished 4th in Olympics in 2000 as well as 1996 (and 1988 – no Eastern bloc)

    I think Milwaukee should get props for the Dalembert pick up as they no longer have to play Gooden at C, he can go back to the “first big off the bench” role that he suits better. I looked up players that averaged 11pts, 11rb and 2blk per 36 minutes in last 3 seasons – of the 8 players who did it, only Dwight Howard and Dalembert did it all 3 seasons ( He’s on the last year of his contract at $6.7m and would make up what they lost with Bogut at half the price.

  16. Leigh dropping Tony Ronaldson in the mix.
    Well played.

  17. Calling it now, Beasley will win the JE Skeets Memorial Most Improved Player award. He won’t actually improve, but his numbers will jump being the top scoring option, and everyone in the media will believe he’s a star now.

  18. I’m with you guys on the Jeff Green signing. It’s like the Celtics bid against themselves. Why not just extend that same 1 year, 9 million offer they did last year?

  19. Dear Phoenix,

    -Somehow get rid of Sarver and Lon baddy

    -Sign and Trade Robin Lopez to Brooklyn for Marshon Brooks

    The Nets get potential marketing dollars and World Wrestling tag-team potential that having “The Brooks Brothers” on your team brings, as well as boosting their options for landing Dwight and…
    Phoenix get that Eric Gordon scorer type that they are looking for, plus in Phoenix Brooks gets a chance at ample minutes to develop along side pass-first point guard Kendall Marshall.

    Plus take Lopez now- seen as an injury prone backup centre with potential or…Have Brooks’ minutes decrease his trade value while playing behind Joe Johnson?
    Throw in Hakim Warrick for Travis Outlaw as well if you want.

    Best Wishes,
    Your future 2013 lottery pick

    P.S. Leigh, I met Tony Ronaldson once, his neck was spectacular.

  20. still sad about the no pun gun and rapid fire :(

  21. Tony ‘The Bear’ Ronaldson – nice work Leigh. As an Aussie Boomer at the 1992 (?) Olympics, he hit a HUGE 3 (and-1) against Croatia…can never forget that shot (end random comment).

  22. Oden is a good fit for the heat…if he can stay healthy =s

  23. Does anyone know which overdose episode it was that they boys started singing ballads?

  24. where did ya get that picture of brook lopez holding boxes

  25. The Warriors are like a pot luck dinner team… a bunch of side dishes dont make a meal, a bunch of decent players with wildly different playing styles don’t make a playoff team. I officially don’t give a shit about this team any more.

  26. I’m expecting an entire Brad Miller returns podcast by Trey Kirby next week and the impact he will have on Brow-thony Davis. ( headband optional )

  27. Leigh, get real, Field’s is way over paid on that contract offer….

    Also Batum is worth that oney, i bet he’ll be looked at as overpaid very soon….so will Jeff green…

    The jone’s guys gotta get a 2 times a week blank jones happening…they were great last year….

  28. also the overdose isnt the same with out Matt and JD!!!

  29. As usual the best basketball show in the world…. Keep up the great work guys

  30. Just realized I accidentally stole the title “Free Agency Bonanza” for my ongoing Free Agency Epic on my website. Looks like someone will be changing the title for tomorrow’s installment.

  31. Your mistaken about Dwight not actually saying he wants out of Orlando. I read a quote – “There’s only one team on my list and if I don’t get traded there, I’ll play the season out and explore my free agency after that” – he said this July 2..?

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