Sometimes, when you go home to visit, you end up reading the Wikipedia page for “American Gladiators” and discovering that Danny Manning appeared on a special gold medalists episode of the show that aired on June 1, 1993. That leads you to realize that this was during the summer in between his two All-Star appearances, making you think this could be one of the most impressive 24 month runs of athletic achievement in the history of sport, even though he was only a bronze medalist when the other two male competitors had taken home gold.

But then you find out that said appearance is on YouTube and that Danny Manning is garbage at Atlasphere and that his true peak was probably that time he was an NCAA All-American three straight seasons then won a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympics. That definitely sounds more peak-y, but I think we can all agree that whooping Nitro, Gemini and the rest of the gang would have been Danny’s crowning achievement.