Even if you really like counting to super high numbers, I think we can all agree that wearing a jersey with 90-something on it is kind of weird in the NBA. For one, these guys aren’t linebackers or defensive lineman, so it just looks bizarre size-wise. For two, the players who have worn numbers in the 90s — guys like Dennis Rodman, Ron Artest, Drew Gooden and DeShawn Stevenson — prove that it’s pretty much all weirdos who pick those kind of numbers.

That being said, even though these guys are among the strangest the NBA has ever seen, there is always a reason to wear a number in the 90s. Rodman wore 91 because No. 10 was retired for the Bulls and 9+1=10. Ron Artest wore 93 because it kind of looked like a QB for Queensbridge. These guys have their reasons, which is why it’s no surprise that Denver Nuggets rookie Evan Fournier would have what seems to be a very logical explanation for why he’s going to become the first player in NBA history to wear No. 94. From TrueHoop:

Speaking of the Nuggets, first round pick Evan Fournier wears No. 94 for the team. It’s a homage to the number of Val-de-Marne, a department of France his hometown is located in. The jersey number doesn’t reflect the year he was born. Because that would make him 17.

I don’t really understand what a “department of France” is, but from what I understand, it’s kind of like a county in the United States, only they use numbers instead of names. Or I guess it’s like the districts in “The Hunger Games,” only with less starvation and sport killings. (If you are French and want to explain it better than Wikipedia, go for it. It’s a free internet.) And Franc-ly, that seems like just as good of a reason to pick a number as anything else. At least there’s some reasoning behind why he picked a hockey number.

However, I personally would have loved if Fournier said he picked 94 because he was born in the 1990′s and his name has the word “four” in it and he loves puns. Come to think of it, Evan “Ninety” Fournier has a pretty nice ring to it.