When he looks back at his life, Kris Humphries will remember July 17, 2012 as one of the best days of his life. After a year of being booed, getting divorced from a reality starlet who turned him in to the most hated player in the league and being ridiculed by Kanye West, Humphries finally struck back.

First, a giant contract from the Brooklyn Nets, from NBA.com’s David Aldridge:

The Brooklyn Nets’ unprecedented offseason spending spree continued Tuesday by agreeing to terms with starting power forward Kris Humphries on a two-year, $24 million contract, according to sources.

Not a bad way to start your day, securing your future financially just to be a guy who plays really hard and grabs a bunch of rebounds. Pretty chill morning for Kris Humphries, who was definitely feeling good about himself.

So good in fact, that he couldn’t help making his day a little more special, finally taking revenge on Kanye West for dissing him in a song. Here’s Hump’s Twitter:

I’m up at Brooklyn! @S_C_ “lucky I didn’t have Jay drop me from the team” lol!

How long has Kris Humphries been waiting to tweet something like this? Considering the Kanye song he was dissed in dropped 73 days ago, I’d say 73 days. You might be thinking that with 73 days to think about it, he might have been able to construct something that made more sense grammatically, but when you suddenly are making $12 million a year and part of it is coming from the guy that your nemesis claims he could use to get you fired, grammar is the last thing you are thinking about. It is like they always say — “Zing first, make grammar corrections later.”

Now all Kris Humphries needs to do is stay quiet and play basketball. This is the greatest victory he could possibly have over Kanye West, who has been looking for an adversary ever since vanquishing 50 Cent to the realm of sport drink creation, so he should probably stop while he is as close to ahead as he can possibly be, considering Kanye is still dating Kim and made more last year than Humphries’ new 2-year contract is worth in its entirety. It might not be a complete and total win for Hump, but being set for life and cracking on his foe is still a pretty nice day.

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  1. I still don’t understand why anyone hates this guy. He plays hard, rebounds, defends, Pisses off Kim K. & Kanye West. What more coud you ask for? Maybe Kanye can appeal to Prokhorov…we all know Kanye is a great decison maker. Right Taylor Swift?

  2. Trey I know it’s quiet around here comment- and, I assume, pageview-wise but please know that you were sorely missed recently.

    If this signing had happened last week, I would have just gone back to my spreadsheets after seeing the headline on ESPN.

    With you back, though, I got three to four solid chuckles to get me through the afternoon.

  3. That picture is goddamn perfect. Thank you, you glorious beast.

  4. ohhh man this was funny. good 4 kris now go out there and steal all of Lopez’s rebounds

  5. Mario: Our watches our the same!
    Kris: Uhhhhh…

  6. Give me some Kardashian news!

  7. Happy Hump Day!

  8. Hmmm….. why is Mario Lopez’s face so much bigger than someone who is 3 feet taller than him? Interesting…….

  9. took him two days less to zing ‘Ye than his marriage lasted. Atta boy, Hump!

  10. wow, he looks like Lindros.

  11. I’d call Kanye dating Kim Kardashian sweet enough revenge right there.

  12. Kanye West isn’t that good anymore if Christian rappers are beating him and raps: http:// freegospelsongs.weebly.com

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