I can’t decide what my favorite part of this is — Barack Obama greeting LeBron James with a “What’s up, Champ?,” Anthony Davis being super nervous while Obama cracks on him or Kobe Bryant threatening to shave Davis’ unibrow if he doesn’t fall in line. All good stuff, really, and I hope beyond hope that veterans keep zinging Davis about that facerpillar for as long as he has it. How could they not?

(via SLAM)

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  1. This is great. Nice find.

  2. I like the “Joe, let’s get out of here” and the quick follow by Biden. Like he was the POTUS’ dog.

    • Hahahaha I came here to post the same thing, thanks for the lol man :p

      • I was thinking about that too. POTUS said “Joe let’s get out of here” but what he really meant was “Joe stop fucking around and let”s do some shit.” And Joe responds meekly like “Ok. But can we get some Taco Bell first?” Best manchild Vice President of all time.

        • Ahh internet abbreviations. It’s like a secret language that I have no desire to learn.

          You guys do realize that you aren’t even saving letters since you could just type “Obama” right?

          • And you realize that “POTUS” is certainly not “internet abbreviation” right?

  3. I can’t wait to hear the things Kevin Garnett will say to Davis about his unibrow when they square off next season.

  4. The best part has to be when Obama says ” Joe, come on!” like he’s his dog…Biden always cracks me up, His speaches are the funniest.

  5. I just have to say that this is the most awesome president ever.

    • …well since there’s no footage of teddy roosevelt broing down with james naismith in the kansas jayhawks locker room, I guess this is a safe statement

  6. favorite part: kobe making fun of the unibrow, classic kobe dickmove. the president stays cool and makes a good point “thats great money right there”

  7. look at this guy, spreading communism, ruining America 1 bro hug at a time. such a Muslim. 8-/

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