Between how long this took to plan, stage and film, you have to imagine that at least part of every day at this week-long camp was dedicated to nailing a one-take lip dub of a song that came out in early 2011. Interesting time management, Rudy Fernandez.

Also, this scene.

In conclusion, I think I speak for everyone everywhere when I say: What?

(via Colin Stanton)

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  1. OMG Trey this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    Imagine if he screwed up that dunk at the end though.

  2. Are they lip dubbing in Spanish? If not they are didn’t hit one word correctly.

  3. I think this actually started off as a basketball camp that slowly turned into a drama/choreography. Lets rank the camps, Javale’s “how to run the right way” summer camp, Spencer Hawes Tea party Camp, or rudy’s dance camp?

  4. Rudy is so cool, I’m going to miss him in the NBA…

  5. I thought I saw a hand touching the lady coach right boob as the kid came together at 4:16 mark of the video :P

  6. as an american living in spain for the last 2 years, i can tell you that spanish people never, EVER, get tired of listening to the same f-ing songs over and over, while awkwardly (but excitedly) dancing to them as if they get better with every listen. as much as i love living here, i don’t know if i can survive another 2 years of “tonight’s gonna be a good night” by black eyed peas, and the “waka waka” shakira world cup song being blasted in a constant loop from every discoteca on every block of the entire country.. also i’m sure they are trying to mouth the words in english, but have absolutely no idea what they are..

  7. Everybody come and “has” a good “tine”. I love the Spaniards.

  8. Huh…

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