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On today’s (second) special NBA free agency podcast, The Jones breakdown every transaction from the last week. Should the Knicks have matched Jeremy Lin’s offer from the Rockets? Are the new-look Nets a championship contender? Who “won” the Mavericks-Pacers trade? And how good is Kwame Brown’s agent?

All that, plus American food portions, warm milk, the latest Dwight Howard rumor, and who would win a fight between the ’92 Dream Team and the ’12 Meme Team?

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Celtics just got Courtney Lee from Rockets for JaJuan Johnson.

  2. I’d take Kobe over almost anyone in the 92 Dream Team now due to his Jeet Kune Do training:

  3. First off, cool American accent bro to J.E. Skeets but you were right about funny Steve Nash instagram, so it’s a wash.

    I love the poison pill saying too, I always thought it was the coolest business reference too. The NY media I thought was super unfair, that was the weirdest pass on a player, especially from the deep pocketed Knicks. Their FA moves are always good for a laugh.

    In terms of EC, Its a toss up between Celtics, Nets, Pacers to play Miami next year. Who else would contend? I really could see it going to any of them. Have to wait & see how new FA’s change complexion of the team especially for Celtics & Nets. I don’t see any of them contending for a title though. The big competition is coming out the west for Heat.

    You got the Super 12 right but too quick to dismiss Stockton, I thought that was close for Stock & CP3, but I’d go Paul as well. One thing I have to poiint out though is that you guys are totally off on Westbrook & Pippen. Pippen is stronger, about as fast, and MUCH longer than Westbrook. He could sit on the outside & get free punches all day long. He’s got a huge wing span, better match up for Kevin Durant but Pip would win that too IMHO.

    S/O to Santa Fe in Sandwich, IL, The big burrito is the way to go.
    What the hell is a beef roll though?

    • The Beef Roll, from Brother’s Restaurant is chunks of beef, mozzarella cheese, sauteed veggies wrapped in a pizza dough and cooked. It is one of Earth’s greatest achievements.

      • I always saw that sign and wondered what it was…thanks for the education, have to stop by next time i’m out that way. I still live in the land of large portions, so I bet I’ll be able to eat a whole one.

  4. An insightful and entertaining overdose as always guys

    My thoughts(as a disappointed/level-headed Knicks fan) on this Jeremy Lin “saga” if anyone cares to read

  5. Who from the 92 team would take on KD in the bar fight?

  6. I think you could easily cut five from the Dream Team. In order from easiest to cut to hardest.

    Christian Laettner – Davis has been playing well. But seriously, replace him with anyone. I pick Kevin Love because I’m a Wolves fan, they both played for the Wolves, both are white shooters blah blah blah

    Clyde Drexler – Kobe is better.

    Chris Mullin – I like Mullin, but you can’t tell me Deron wouldn’t give you everything Mullin does and more

    John Stockton – fighting an injury, still early enough in his career that he wasn’t Hall of Famer John Stockton. He was just John Stockton then. If the Olympics were occurring in 2012, I would want a more athletic guard ala Westbrook

    Larry Bird – The Legend. But also with a legendarily bad back at the time. You can keep him as a token member if you want, but if we’re trying to put together the most competitive team, he needs to be left off the list. Add Durant.

    If we’re worried about positions, I think I’d keep it as is. If we’re talking pure talent and any position, I would engage people in argument that Ewing and Malone could be left of the team as well (in that order). You may have noticed I haven’t replaced anybody with LeBron yet. That’s because I wanted to replace either Ewing or Malone with Bron.

    Alright, back to doing actual work at the day job…

    • Also, in future defense of Kevin Love’s inclusion, I don’t think we’ve seen his Olympic best in these exhibition games. He hasn’t been scoring like he does for the Wolves, there are less rebounds to snag when USA is shooting at such a high % and he was in foul trouble in Great Britain, but I think Kevin’s game is well-suited for FIBA.

      Not sure if you caught the two amazing outlet inbounds passes from him in the DR game, but they both resulted in easy buckets. Nobody in the league has a better outlet pass than Love. He used it to get an easy bucket in the Great Britain game as well. When he plays with athletic, run-the-floor line-ups that include Westbrook, Harden, Lebron, Iggy, etc., he is dangerous the second he catches the ball in the backcourt. Like many members of this 2012 team, his strength in the international game is his versatility. He doesn’t need to be scoring or rebounding to be influencing the game in positive ways.

      • And in terms of Jordan/Kobe levels of “F**k you, I’m winning this game and I’m going to prove I’m the best doing it” level of competitiveness, I think the only players who have a bigger chip on their shoulder than Kevin are Kobe, CP3 and maaaaaybe Durant.

  7. i like the way trey pronounces “for sure”: it sounds kinda like “fur shure” :D

  8. oh yeah for the “supreme team” – if you compare them you’d have to look at everybody’s level of play when the olympics actually occured, meaning e.g. looking at ’92 stockton, not all-time-assists-leading super legendary stockton. and was that guy better than 2012 chris paul? hell no. compare the stats if you want (although stats aren’t everything of course, I know…). at best, they were bout equal, and paul is going against WAAAYYYY better opponents at the point guard level these days. you could even say the same about deron williams – i’d even take him over stockton to be honest, and I don’t even like the guy. but he’s just way stronger.
    so overall, I think when drafting the “most competitive team” out of the two, I’d go:
    jordan, barkley, ewing, robinson, malone, pippen, magic, lebron, kobe, durant, CP3, deron. I think that’s pretty reasonable.
    so basically I’d take kobe over drexler (easy), durant over mullin (easy), lebron over bird’s corpse (no-brainer) CP3 over stockton and deron over laettner (I think deron williams is still better than stockton in ’92, but also better than melo, hence the weird switch. but you could maaayyyybe argue, at their point in their careers, to take williams over magic and then melo over laettner, but that’s a bit of a stretch).
    7 ’92ers and 5 2012ers, I think that sounds about right.

  9. Saying Drexler is definitely out and Pippen is definitely in is ridiculous.
    They are at worst even players in the NBA.

    Pippen has become overrated and Drexler underrated. I guess rings only matter.

    • Drexler is underrated but5 Pippen is DEFINITELY not overrated…
      The guy was a MVP candidate when Jordan was chilling playing baseball.

  10. ..I disagree, I’d say they are even offensively (although dexler’s numbers are better), but pippen was way better defensively.

    gotta say though: at that point in their careers, looking at pippen’s stats up until ’92, you’d almost have to pick melo over him – or Iggy, if you’re going for defense. even though that sounds ridiculous and I guess pip would kill either in a 1-on-1 (unless we’re talking fight, in which iggy and pip would be an awesome match up – how did leigh not pair those two?!? they’re clones!)
    but you could say that pip had played like two great seasons up until that point and was far from proven… other than melo (or drexler, gotta give you that much. though the latter was probably a teeeeensy tiny bit past his peak in ’92)

  11. Guys from the 2012 team that I’d have on a 92-12 combo team would be CP3, Kobe, Lebron, Durant and… Westrbrook! Call me crazy (not as crazy as Russ tho) but I think he has a place if you take out Mullin(s according to MJ), Stockton, Bird (age/injuries), Laetner and Drexler. I like Russ over Stockton ’cause the team has enough creators with Lebron, Magic and CP3, and the bench could use a more dynamic perimeter/penetration option. I guess I should say I like Westbrook a lil more than Drexler, too. Nuts?

    “Supreme” starting 5:

    Three all-time defenders inside and out, 3 of them are probably all-time best offensive options at their positions, size for days (average height of like 6’9 wut)

    1st bench rotation
    Kobe (“that’s my thing”)
    What’s Scottie Pippen Sippin?
    Karl Malone
    Patrick Chewing

    More really tough defenders all around, went with Malone over Barkley here for the potential pnr w/Paul. Over 82 games in this lineup I bet Kobe’s usage rate would still be sky high. <3 mamba

    Hype men:
    Russell Westbrook
    Charles Barkley

    I like these two dudes as kind roamers, add on to any lineup and let them be the focus of the offense when they're on the court. Even though Barkley wouldn't be in a specific rotation, I'd probs still give him more minutes than Pippen/Duran/tMalone. Westbrook runnin shit in the final 4 minutes of the 1st and 3 quarter sounds tops.

  12. Trey is just a Nets hater.

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