Just the other day, my friend J.E. Skeets asked me if I thought Team USA would lose a single game during the Olympics and the preceding tuneups. I quickly answered “Naw, dog” and he agreed because this is obviously the best team in the world and the competitors are too banged up (Spain), too old (Argentina) or not good enough (every other country on Earth). After this, we shook hands, confident in our decision.

Then, when saw Kobe Bryant’s quote regarding the United States not winning a gold medal, we shared a knowing nod. From British sports reporter Ian Whittell:

predictably, Kobe Bryant remains the go-to guy for the media. says the US players citizenship will be revoked if they dont win gold …

I know that Barack Obama is a huge basketball fan who is counting on Team USA, but I am pretty sure that even if they disappointed him and didn’t win gold, he couldn’t actually kick them out of the country. It has been a long time since I took a Constitution test or civics class, but I am confident in saying that the power to revoke citizenship for a basketball team because they lost an international competition is not in there, though I will concede that there could be a recent amendment that I’m not aware of.

Considering how much time Kobe spent in a foreign country, he’s probably the one who’s most worried about this, which must be why he brought this up. Better safe than sorry. Winning every game, and therefore the gold medal, means there’s no chance these guys are kicked out of the country, just in case something fishy is going on. You never know.

(via EOB)