Skeets and I took a swing at this kind of thing for the last Summer Olympics — time flies when you are making basketball jokes — but that’s like 50 million blog years ago. Things change. T.J. Ford and Matt Harpring were still in the NBA back then, for instance.

Plus, it’s interesting to see what players think their opponents are good at. You might not believe this, but pretty much everyone thinks Russell Westbrook is very fast and that Dwight Howard is very strong. Oh, and Chris Bosh thinks he would be great at every obscure event because of course he does, he’s Chris Bosh.

Also, Richard Jefferson has a voice that sounds like it should belong to Luke Walton and vice versa.

(via Ananth Pandian)

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  1. is there an event that tracks foot faults? fisher or memo would be the best at being the worst in that category.

  2. Don’t ask bunch of black guys about fencing and swimming #iamontracist #thisisnottwitter

    • “I am Ont Racist”?
      “I am on tracist”?

      Do you have a weird name? Or do you take a drug called ‘tracist’? So many questions!

      • Funny, I took away “I am on Traci St”

        Do you have a weird name? Or do you take a drug called ‘tracist?’ ORRRR, do you live on Traci St? So many inquisitions!!!

  3. I like that Jefferson seemed to have a very thoughtful answer for each question.

  4. Everyone forgets that Derrick Rose is in the NBA… :(

  5. Yes! He said Duncan for the swimming (Though I was hoping someone would say the spurs big 3 since they’ve been together so long haha)

  6. Hearing RJ say “they are some pretty big boys” sounded wrong…

  7. Richard Jefferson has the funniest voice since Mike Bibby.

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