Earlier this week we learned about the existence of a Shaq-Kobe-Cedric Ceballos-Corie Blount posse cut from the mid-90′s. And while I said I’d like to hear that song, which I think we all would, I guessed that if such a thing existed in today’s NBA, it’d come from the Thunder, a young team with a bunch of guys who seem like they’d like freestyling.

Turns out I’m a super genius. From a SLAM magazine interview with Kendrick Perkins:

Kevin Durant has his own…
studio. KD go hard. KD’s got some nice stuff. He can rap, for real. I got in the studio one time with him — we made one song together, but I’m not really into it like that. Quis [Daniels, a former teammate] is in the studio a lot. Tony Allen, he loves music. I used to be with Delonte West, too [laughs]. When I was around him, DWest used to be playing the guitar all the time.

We’ve known for a while that Kevin Durant fancies himself a rapper, but this Kendrick Perkins revelation is something new. Being from Texas and having a deep voice, I imagine he sounds something like an angrier Slim Thug, but there’s no way to tell until we hear this song. Great news though, no matter what.

And seriously, we need to hear this song — and Delonte West playing guitar too, even if thinking about that kind of reminds everyone of the “weapons in the guitar case” episode from a couple years back — just to know what Kendrick Perkins raps about. Something “I Don’t Like”-ish would certainly fit his personality, but I’ll be happy with anything. Even if he won’t.