Look, I am not an art critic who can tell you about art things like conte crayons, distemper and gouache. But I can tell you when something — like, for instance, a happy little deer sitting amongst some happy little trees — is awesome. And that’s what this is. Just look at it and try to disagree. You can’t argue with nature.

It comes from a series by UniWatch contributor Marty Hick, where he paints old-timey NBA and ABA logos in to cheapo thrift store landscapes. Here he is, explaining his masterpiece:

“This is by far my favorite of the four I’ve done so far,” says Marty. “What can you say about the greatest logo ever? He looks like a free-roaming creature without the confines of a logo outline. He truly looks like he belongs there, and he seems quite content. This was the first one I did, and I almost stopped there.”

You can click through to UniWatch to see the rest of the project, but even the artist agrees this is the best one. All Bucks fans should download the big version and set it as the background on their computers. Or print it in a giant size and hang it above their fireplaces. It’d look perfect there.