OK good, I guess that “ridiculous” beef is squashed since Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin are texting each other and Melo is congratulating his ex-teammate, not for finally getting out of the way in New York at all no way it’s not that, but for getting paid. I’m glad that issue can be put to bed and we can all sleep easier at night, not having to worry if these two guys like each other.

Oh, and speaking of sleep.

Dark sunglasses and a sleep mask — is Carmelo Anthony a vampire whose eyes are dangerously sensitive to sunlight? I’m not going to rule it out.

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  1. He’s not a vampire. He’s not sprakling ;)

  2. “He finally got it done.” That’s some passive-aggressive BS about an ulterior agenda. At no point does Melo say that he will miss him, or that it’s a loss for the Knicks. Just a big smile.

  3. i always wear sleep mask because i always have some difficulty sleeping specially when i am thinking too much.:;’*

    Have a good weekend

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