I’m not entirely sure why the basketball world is still fascinated with Adam Morrison, but that seems to be the case. I include myself in this generalization and I can tell you my reasons for still reading everything I see about Adam Morrison involve some combination of him being the best college player in the world and then being terrible in the NBA, often having a bad mustache, winning two championship rings and the fact that he still has the capability to dominate lesser European teams while still being young enough (28 yesterday, happy birthday) to conceivably make an NBA comeback. The fact that he consistently looks like a burnt-out replacement bassist helps too.

So just like last year, he’s your annual update on the whereabouts of Adam Morrison — he’s playing for the Clippers’ summer league team after an earlier stint with the Nets’ summer squad, trying to make it back to the NBA and says he will not completely ruin any defense that a team is trying to play. From ESPN’s Andrew McNeill:

“Everybody’s going to laugh, but I think I’ve played decent defensively,” he said. “Obviously I’m not Michael Cooper, but I’m not a complete sieve.”

This has been your annual Adam Morrison update for 2012: no facial hair and not the worst defensive player in basketball history. Supposedly. Check back next year. Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love reading a story an knowing it’s written by TK. Such a distinctive style. Well done sir. Onya!

    Also in the college phenom sharpshooter coolness ratings: Morrison > Jimmer > JJ


  3. I love AMMO. I hope he does make it back to the NBA. He should thank MJ for everything he has: millions in the bank and 2 championships for having the best seat in the arena.

  4. He looks a little like charlie sheen in that picture. Seems like Adam missed out on the adonis DNA to me.

  5. Looks like he caught fire and still has a little something! Damn the league is tough and most of it is no one wants to give anyone a chance, this guy is a total pure shooting scorer and all over the league very few can deliver down the stretch. Why wouldn’t a coach do a little soul-searching and give the guy a shot and push him in a positive way to get that form back of his incredible confident ability. Just goes to show you a lot of coaches really suck.

  6. He scored 25 points in his final Summer League game. He may have a shot in the league again maybe…

  7. He just needs a proper chance. BC keeps staying patient with all these other scrubs, I don’t know why he didn’t sign this guy. At least he can shoot and has good size. I may be crazy but I think he has more game than someone like Derozan if he’s given the same opportunity.

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