If you’ve caught any Team USA games since the Meme Team got their start, you’ve probably seen their flag-backed, two-colored uniforms. And if you’re like most people, you probably aren’t the biggest fan of this look, mostly because it looks like practice gear. In general, shorts and shirts should match. Classic mistake.

However, if you caught the United States national team in their game yesterday against Argentina, you caught something different — Team USA decked out in an update version of the 1992 Olympics basketball uniform, all streamlined and tailored but still a little bit retro with a “CD” on the chest to honor 1992 coach Chuck Daly, who died in 2009. It looks great and the team totally agrees. From the AP:

“Those uniforms was nice,” said Carmelo Anthony — who scored four points — wearing the No. 15 of Magic Johnson. “In the locker room, everybody was taking pictures with the uniforms. It just brings back so many memories from back then in ’92.”

He is not lying, the players were literally taking pictures of their cool new jerseys, like they have never seen something so amazing before. That is really great because it shows you how much this current USA team admires the 1992 USA team and that it seems to be that they are equally in awe of that team. Maybe I am a sucker, but that just seems neat to me.

And hey, the jerseys look wonderful, like when the 2003 All-Star jerseys were updated versions of the All-Star jerseys from the early 1990′s. I’d be very OK with Team USA wearing these all the time and I even kind of like the standard look. That’s how nice these are. Take a look for yourself after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.