Want to know a good way to win over a sappy blogger whose favorite player just retired? Do this.

From the Kings’ media relations manager, Devin Blankenship:

James Johnson will wear #52 to honor former Kings great B-Rad Miller. The two became friends in Chicago and share a love of ‘outdoors’

As an avowed James Johnson hater who considers him amongst my all-time least favorite Bulls, I am doing a 180 on this and mentally high-fiving him for making a righteous decision. If the league isn’t going to mandate that No. 52 is retired by every team — a step that is inevitable, but seems to have been help up for some unknown reason — then this is the next best thing. Considering he’s had one of the most ill-conceived hairstyles of the past few years, just like Brad, it seems a nice fit.

However, for Jimmy Johns to prove he is truly worthy of the hallowed No. 52 and that he really loves the outdoors, I think he needs to appear on an episode of “Country Boys Outdoors.” That’s the only way to know he’s for real.

If he played with a tin of dip in his shorts, that’d help too.