If that’s not gross enough for you, perhaps I can interest you in a continuously looped image of LeBron chowing down on his mouthpiece. Want to see? No? Too bad.

Have fun eating all your meals today.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. I don’t know why this is so hysterical, could you imagine if this was Raymond Felton?

  2. Can we please attach a side-screen of Glendolyn Davis’ lizard tongue/NSFW GIF? Thanks.

  3. coincidentally, that’s the same way Delonte ate lebron’s mom.

  4. what a zing!!!!!

  5. Im fasting hehehe

  6. Can’t stop watching.

  7. He looks so sleepy too. Maybe he’s teething.

  8. He’s always done that. He chews his nails alot too. Just a little nervous habit. Doesn’t everyone have one?

  9. Someone needs to find the video of when he kept licking his lips during the season. Looked like a snake. Pretty sure it was against Denver?

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