Are you guys always carrying around your basketball in a stupid duffel bag and wondering, “Why can’t I find a fashionable and far more costly way to carry this basketball? Oh, and I wish it was a lot more inconvenient too.” Sure, you have. That’s a very common thing to think about when you’re getting ready to hoop. And lucky for you, there is a fashionable, expensive and bothersome way to lug your basketball to and from games.

It comes from a leather brand called Fleet Ilya, it’s called the “Basketball Cage” and it retails for £400 (basically $620 US). It’s the Ball Claw for our generation.

By now, you are probably confused as to why you would need to spend 620 bucks to buckle some leather straps around your ball when you could spend $15 to accomplish the exact same thing. But that’s missing the point. If you’re spending this money to carry around a basketball, you want people to notice and say, “That’s a sick basketball strap, bro,” which is something literally no one will say if you buy this.

In fact, if you buy this, I am guessing you’ll end up more frustrated that anything. Maybe there is some kind of quick-close mechanism I’m missing, but it seems like this would be a bit complicated to hook up when it’s very easy to just throw your ball in whatever bag you carry your shoes in or just put it under your arm like a normal person. Plus, if you get the white one (it comes in tan and black as well), it’s going to get filthy and you’ll be upset you just wasted $600 on a dirty, completely unnecessary leather web for your basketball, which again, is very easy to carry by itself.

So no thanks, Fleet Ilya. I’m going to hang on to my $620 for now. After all, that suspender and belt combo isn’t going to buy itself.

(via Fantastic Man)