There are quite a few ways to not get Kevin Durant’s autograph — lose your pen at the wrong time, never ask him for one, interrupt him when he’s giving his mom a kiss and cetera — but this might be the most audacious. Hoping he’ll catch your shoes, sign them and then throw them back is expecting quite a bit, which is probably why Durant looks so confused and can’t think of anything better to do than slide the shoes along with his feet when it actually happens. Might as well have just asked him to autograph a carcass.

(via That NBA Lottery Pick)

Comments (5)

  1. love the look on KDs face

  2. Feel bad for KD. He seems like such a nice guy, and getting shoes thrown at you can feel kinda degrading.

    Good for him for not blasting the dude in the face with his own shoe.

  3. It looked like he was still going to sign it before the security guard came. It would’ve been funny if he signed it and tossed it into the crowd away from the owner. lol

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