I don’t know why I find Deron Williams, Kevin Durant and James Harden taking a Segway tour around Barcelona so funny, but I sure do. I think it’s the helmets.

Or maybe it’s because Durant’s handlebars are below his waist. Or maybe it’s just the “Arrested Development” connotations, which are even funnier if you imagine The Hundred Million Dollar Deron telling James Harden he’s not waiting for him because Deron’s the one wearing $6,300 basketball shorts and Harden doesn’t even make that in three months.

A couple more Segway shots after the jump, because why not?

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  1. Isn’t Harden wearing their game shorts? That’s even funnier to me…

  2. Ah, Trey. How do you not throw in a ‘come on!’ in there at the end of the second paragraph.

  3. Monta Ellis feels left out

  4. kevin durant always has his handy backpack on

  5. Instagram = #bougie.

  6. Who are the other two guys in the first pic? Looks like Mike Wilbon on the left.

  7. So there I was on a city trip in Barcelona when Team USA suddenly came out of a building for a photo-shoot. A lot of annoyed tourists didn’t understand why such a big area was blocked for some basketball team to take pictures. Names like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James apparently didn’t ring any bells for them…

  8. I love Durant’s look in that 1st pic… he’s like “yeah, you know it, bitches love my segway !”

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