With the London 2012 Summer Games on the way, TBJ correspondent Leigh Ellis finds out which Olympic events NBA players think they could medal in, as well as a how much of a head start they would need to beat the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. (Um, yeah, good luck with that, guys.)

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Comments (6)

  1. I thought you guys mentioned in a podcast thought during this interviewer, Jonny loved and Leigh and was saying things like, ” you make me happy”. I want to see that.

  2. seems really harsh how you put “ex-golden state warrior” under that second guy. in saying that i feel like you should write ‘ex-golden state warrior’ in front of jeremy lin’s name every time you write about him from now on.

    also the slight note of frustration from manu at being asked about being left handed. as if he gets that question all the time. what a cool guy though, right?

    also tony allen’s sick fascination with shot put. so weird.

  3. Tony Allen thinking he’d excel in shot put without ever practicing = gold.

  4. Tony Allen seems to be a far more articulate version of Ron Artest. He should get interviewed more often – just hilarious. And Johnny Flynn just seems like the kinda dude people would just get along with

  5. I wnt to speak wit u on facebook pls thank you.

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