Team USA kicks off their quest for Olympic gold this Sunday, playing a French team that features a bunch of current or former NBA players on the roster. It’s a big, NBA-ish type of game that’s deserving of some big, NBA-ish trash talk.

Lucky for us, Tony “Les Goggles” Parker has indulged our desire for some bad blood by speaking out against the behemoth that is the United States. From NDTV Sports:

French NBA star Tony Parker told his teammates on Tuesday not to be intimidated by the mighty Americans and insisted the Dream Team can be defeated. [...]

“All teams can be beaten,” he said of the United States. “They are not unbeatable. In competition anything can happen.”

Pretty underwhelming trash talk, Tony Parker. As a professional basketball player who gets stabbed in the eyes by rappers, I expect much more from you than a simple bit of logic that simply states a fact, even though I will concede that that is a very Spurs-y approach. Might as well have just said, “In basketball games, rules state that one team has to lose and there is certainly a chance that the United States could be the team that scores fewer points. Uh-huh-huh baguette.”

Not a great performance from France’s best player, which has to be a concern heading in to the Olympics. If Ronny Turiaf botches a bench celebration during France’s first game, this could go down in history as their worst Olympics ever, strictly from a memes standpoint, which is a travesty considering where they started. Just something to watch for.