It feels like just yesterday that DeAndre Jordan introduced us to the idea of taking pictures of your teammates sleeping, which has since come to be known as the #GotEm Movement as it has spread across the league like wildfire. And while most pictures are good for a laugh, the art form reached its pinnacle late last night as Team USA’s Kevin Love snapped the greatest #GotEm picture in the movement’s short but storied history.

Just look at that framing — seven humans in the shot and every single one of them is sleeping. That is some serious teammates sleeping efficiency, and it’s made even better by the fact that, as Kevin Love tweeted, he even got Coach K. Very impressive performance, even though it does seem this photo was taken under dubious circumstances, as Deron Williams said that Love “swore he was going to sleep! Then got us all.” How will his teammates ever be able to trust him after such a bald-faced lie? And why isn’t Kevin Love tired? These are questions that need answering.

Also, Russell Westbrook is wearing a snapback from The Hundreds that says “Maintain the Mystery,” which is the most perfect thing ever.

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  1. “And why isn’t Kevin Love tired?”

    I guess that’s what happens when you have lesser playing time.

  2. Coack K flies economy?

  3. Westbrook is Iron Man look at the all the tech lighting up!!!

  4. Some people have pillows to lean on (see CP3). Others have neck support pillows. James Harden has a beard.

  5. look at westbrook going all nwa in his sleep

    harden beard also doubles as a neck pillow. ..who knew

    and where do they make xxxxl blankets like the one anthony davis has that can also be used a tent on camping trips

  6. But Anthony Davis’s open-mouth face is the best here. Blankies tucked up to his chinny chin chin. Awww.

  7. I think capturing sleepwalking is the next logical step in the #gotem movement progression

  8. Davis looks the most comfortable (very impressive for a near 7 footer) while Carmelo is a complete mess with a crooked neck, displaced headphones, and his use of a pillow as a replacement for La La.

  9. +1 for the blanket comment on Davis and I as well thought that was melo at the first look

  10. Maybe its also worth mentioning that Deron Williams reposted that under with the wrong Kevin Loves twitter handle, a handle that now has close to 500 followers without as twee

  11. Is Lebron resting the elbow he hurt in the playoffs years ago?

  12. The in-flight movie was “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”.

    (Seriously, that movie was hella boring.)

  13. :) L . JAMSE
    D.wade ???

    why ?? : (

  14. Is that Russell Westbrook or DJ Yella from NWA? ( )

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