From the headline, you are probably thinking “Which one? They’ve acquired like a million of them this summer.” And you know, fair enough. But it’s not Brandon Roy, it’s not sometimes-two guard Chase Budinger and it’s not Andrei Kirilenko’s back tattoo, which could never play in the backcourt because its razor sharp talons would destroy the ball.

Nope, it’s Russian import Alexey Shved, and this guy loves compies and kitties, whose secret was spilled thanks to being a member of Russia’s Olympics team. From an interview by, via a Google translation that I’ve cleaned up a bit:

“I’m a cat lover. Our family always had cats — Siamese first, then the cat of the same breed. And now I have a Bengal — same as the snow leopard, only little. Chica is the name. She wakes me every morning and evening. It’s so nice when you come tired, in a bad mood, and the cat settles on your knees. You have to stroke it and you somehow calm down. Not for nothing do they say that cats are treated. Play with it, scratch it — and somehow the problems are forgotten. ”

“I love computer games. From my childhood. I have all the boxes one by one. I can play five hours a day: I come at eight, I sit at my computer — and before one o’clock, did not even hear anything when I was treated. Previously played in WoW, and now again remembered the games that I ever played in my childhood. CounterStrike, strategies are different … In addition, there are always new games, improved graphics. Previously, it was all in boxes, and now you’re playing as if in a movie. Although, of course, the same is not such that I, as a child, was waiting for the release of new games. “

Did Alexey Shved just become your favorite player? That wouldn’t surprise me. Cats, computers and basketball are pretty much what the internet is all about these days.

Just look at how much that guy loves cats. So much, like a real life Dr. Evil with his lap-stroking, stress-relieving ways. Seems like a chill bro who has no allergies and just wants to relax with his cats when he gets home from a hard day of basketball. And when he doesn’t have a hard day of basketball, it’s all video games all the time. (I am guessing his cat is napping now or eating or something else that keeps it away from his computer keyboard, which is a huge concern when you have a kitty. Trust me.)

Pretty sweet deal — play basketball for a few hours, come home and pet your cat for a bit to chill out, then play video games for five hours, all while making millions of dollars for doing so. I can see why he’d want to come to the States. And once he finds out about all the kitten pictures on the internet, I can imagine he’ll want to stay.