It’s OK if you haven’t thought about Al-Farouq Aminu in a while. In fact, I’d guess the great majority of us haven’t really paid him much attention since that hilarious picture after the Chris Paul trade. But this summer he’s playing alongside his brother, Alade, for Nigeria’s Olympic team and that means he gets a headshot on the Olympics’ official website. And as you can see, it’s amazing.

With the buttoned up shirt and knit hat, he looks like a “Fat Albert” character, but iced out. So I guess like a peripheral Odd Future member or maybe a minor character from Season 4 of “The Wire.” No matter what pop culture reference you want to attach to this, it’s the best Olympic basketball headshot we’ve got, with the possible exceptions of giant Nene and the return of Radhouane Slimane.

Personally, I’m sticking with Aminu because look at it. What a wonderful picture. Feels nice to think about this guy again.

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  1. What about argentina’s Martin Leiva gigantic adam’s apple?

  2. I think Nocioni looking like he’s been taking crack has to be high on the list.

  3. He looks oddly similar to Matt Nielsen, who funnily enough is next to him on the alphabetical list of players.

    Oh and the fact that most of the Tunisian team have clearly just used passport photos is pretty funny.

  4. what about tony parker’s terrifyingly sexy shot. so dangerous.

  5. Anthony Davis should sue Youssef Gaddour for stealing his trademarked unibrow

  6. Rudy Fernandez looks like an early ’00s boy band member.

  7. Rahouane Slimane looks like he’s 31 going on 62.

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