One of the biggest criticisms of Carmelo Anthony — besides that he shoots too much, doesn’t play defense, is a coach-killer, ball-stopper and selfish, that he’s too focused on other things besides basketball and can’t make his game fit with other players — is that he’s constantly out of shape. Mike Woodson said it last season and he wasn’t the first, and Melo certainly didn’t help things by becoming the spokesman for chocolate milk, which I’m pretty sure people are already aware of.

But according to a man who’s been training Carmelo Anthony, Idan Ravin a.k.a. “The Hoops Whisperer,” it’s not that he’s fat, per se, it’s just that he wears a lot of stuff under his jersey. From ESPN:

Many of Melo’s toughest critics say that he’s not diligent and plays overweight, but Ravin downplayed that notion entirely. He said they’re missing something.

“You forget that under his jersey, he wears a lot of that compression-type stuff, and he wears a lot of that protection-type sleeves around his stomach, so it makes him look a little bit wider and thicker,” he said. “But he’s not a fat ass, man. He’s a world-class athlete, so he’s always very detailed with his diet, with his conditioning. Remember, too, the season’s long and it wears on you. Sometimes that’s where the fatigue sets in.”

Yeah, of course. This makes total sense. As Ravin says earlier in the piece, Carmelo’s lost 12 pounds since the end of the season, so obviously he was just wearing a bunch of protection sleeves on his stomach. 12 pounds worth of protection sleeves, apparently. Because that is what makes Carmelo Anthony’s jersey so tight. Same for Hedo Turkoglu, I’m sure.

Maybe I am being too much of a Doubting Treymas, but when your trainer has to go to the press to literally say “he’s not a fat ass,” then maybe you need to be more “detailed with [your] diet.” Not that protection sleeves around your stomach can’t add a little bulk — you can see the outlines of the built-in pads through Melo’s jersey — but c’mon. Enough bulk that a man you pay to keep you in shape has to explain that you actually aren’t super fat? I’m not so sure.

One solution, other than giving up chocolate milk and pizza, would be a baggier jersey. If Melo sizes up a bit, then he can wear as much “padding” as he wants underneath. Dropping a few pounds would work too, but this is way easier.

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  1. Got to see him in person in the playoffs 2 seasons back. Looks can be deceiving from tv, this guy is an athlete.
    I have also seen Raymond Felton in person, stood next to him, also just because he does not confine to the elite nba shape gets a lot of heat. He is in/was awesome shape.

    Blake Griffin though is just in-human in real life and makes these athletes look bad.

    • In the vein of NBA players who are deceptively jacked: I once saw Jason Terry in an airport. Dude is way more muscular than I thought.

    • Man, eddy curry & oliver miller have a bad rap too. Just cause they arent they are below 350 pounds doesnt mean a thing. Just when you compare them to guys like boris diaw makes them just look bad.

  2. Chocolate milk is an effective recovery drink that’s used in a lot of endurance sports. It’s mainly because it’s an easy source of protein with a little bit of carbs/sugar from the chocolate. Lots of runners use it instead of the recovery powders since it tastes a lot better.

    That said, Melo was a Fatty McFatkins last season. More like Carmelo Fathony. AMIRIGHT?

    • This is just stupid to call the guy fat.

    • I checked around.. the girls are calling him fatty fat fat fat

    • Litte bit of carbs and sugar? Chocolate Milk only became popular among athletes was because the company just got famous athletes to advertise + other companies. Drinking chocolate milk really isn’t a good idea after a workout. Just drink water an eat protein, no need for that extra sugar + fat.

      • Agreed, after an intense workout your body will take advantage of any readily available carbohydrates and “burn them off”. In this light you can easily get away with eating a Mars bar and get the same effect. Though as this is not generally deemed a healthy approach so it is better to replace your fluids with water and if you need calories, eat something healthy.

        Protein is required in muscle recovery, but it is not required immediately after a workout, and certainly not required in excess. You should get enough through your regular daily food intake. There are thoughts out there that proteins from milk can actually can have a negative effect on your bones and contribute to other health issues ( – from one of many published stories –

        As far as fat goes, ‘Melo is certainly getting “fat” off the endorsements here.

  3. No, I didn’t just eat a party sub. What are you even talking about?

    haha always love your captions TK

  4. For shame. You mentioned Hedo and didn’t link up his Pizza Pizza ad. I know its an old, bad joke, but still.

  5. Cool Story Bro. Honestly, that’s what I call a cool story bro. Such a riveting tale, I honestly copied and pasted it to word, saved on my hard drive, backed it up on a jump drive, drove to the bank, put the jump drive in the safe deposit box, and will leave it there until my kids turn about 12 (when they can actually state their age, and ask what it is I’m showing them), when I will pick it up, put it in an old USB drive reader and relay this cool story to them and tell them, “kids, this is what a cool story should look and sound like…not like the stories your generation tells.”

    • Cool story, bro.

    • Yikes Paulius, chill bro. You’re allowed to start your own blog, you know. Take some this rampant hostility of yours and show the world how basketball should be blogged! Or not. I guess you could just rant and rave here. The internet, after all, is short of misplaced bitterness/anger/hostility/rage. Oh, and sarcasm too. Though, what’s this? Nevermind, I think we’re good for sarcasm.

  6. Your introductory statement is.absolutely golden. That bang on is why I love Camelo. That and he does the best imitation of a starfish trapped on a basketball court I’ve ever come across. Coming from a hockey background and knowing a few hockey players who have made a great deal of themselves I never paid attention to basketball and didn’t think star athletes could be complete goofs.

    I love Melo, cause I can laugh at Melo. Guys probably having the time of his life being a complete dick within his team in a league that has proved recently that a team game wins championships. I love Melo, one of my favourite players. I can’t help but love his entertainment, and if he likes his chocolate milk well then shiiiit- who am I to judge, I like it too

  7. Carmelo, by the ridiculously high standards of the nba, isn’t much of an athlete. Was he fat last year? For a regular human male, no. For an nba player, yes. Losing 20+ lbs from last years playing weight can only help.

  8. Can’t wait until after this season. When Melo realizes he won’t win a championship, he’s going to come back looking like Antoine Walker

  9. Does melo have the most undeserving , protective fan base ever?. In terms of basketball shape, dude is definitely playing with a spare tire. No doubt about it

  10. wow this guy is really stupid citing chocolate milk as a reason melo is fat…i have chocolate milk everyday after workouts and runs because of the protein and calcium content — its actually a very nutritious drink and im honestly amazed that a supposedly “educated” “writer” would not know this. Melo is not an elite NBA superstar by accident. he is absolutely ripped and trains as hard as anyone in the league. look up his training videos on youtube from when he was on Denver ..youre all stupid lol, especially the writer of this putrid article. also @ alexander — when melo came into the league there were doubts as to whether a guy who only weighed 185 (yes, that was his weight coming from syracuse) would be able to be competitive at small forward.. he weighs about 230 now…all muscle…how do you think he’s the most explosive scorer in the league besides KD? Pizza? i dont think so. again, please know what you’re talking about beofre making stupid comments or even worse before writing a frickin article.

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