It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like James Harden, especially after a season that saw him take home the Sixth Man of the Year award while wearing an orange sherbert blazer. However, even though we’re all big Harden fans, only one of us has had the cojones to put our skin where our mouth is and tattoo his Mr. T-ish face on our arms. So congratulations to this human for being the biggest James Harden fan, I guess.

Unfortunately this person asked for an oatmeal beard version of James Harden, which probably seems like a mistake in hindsight. It’s always tempting to ask your tattoo artist to add a little oatmeal to your tattoo’s beard, but it never quite turns out how you think it’s going to. A classic blunder.

Nonetheless, if you’re the first person on Earth to get a James Harden tattoo, that still makes you pretty cool, even if he does look like a sleepy baby with a bunch of drier lint caught in his prodigious beard. Beards are the currency du jour for hipsters these days, so rocking some ink of the NBA’s most famous bearded player who just so happens to be the NBA’s biggest hipster is quite the accomplishment. Someday we’ll all have James Harden tattoos, so it’s pretty cool for this bro to be able to say he was the first.

(via BSO)