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On today’s show, TBJ recaps a busy first day of the men’s Olympic basketball competition in London. Topics include: LeBron’s insane bounce pass to Durant, U.S. transition points, Kevin Love gettin’ his Bosh on, KD’s chrome dome, Mrs. Obama hugs, Sager’s normal attire, Kirilenko’s 35, whether Argentina has one more run in ‘em, the Spaniards size, and much more from the day’s six preliminary games.

All that, plus thoughts on the opening ceremonies, a road race, great names, and Darren Rovell contradicts his Twitter manifesto. So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Comments (24)

  1. nice job guys do you now what shows will be after the olympics?

  2. Apparently its Argentinians, though all of your guesses sounded right, too.

  3. Wolves are definitely a “League Pass” team this year.

  4. I live in the Eastern time zone, I don’t really ever catch any Trail Blazers games, so today I really wanted to see if Nic Batum was worth the $46 million Portland gave him. I think he made two plays all game and they were back to back in the third. I was not impressed at all, he made no difference in this game and I thought his athleticism was supposed to be his strong point. How in the world did the Blazers not take the 2 number 1′s and/or Derrick Williams for this guy immediately without hesitation?

  5. I am happy this exists.

  6. Glad Canada won the well deserved gold.

  7. @Leigh – i was ready to throw something at my tv when channel 9 was showing heats of the swimming FEATURING NO BLOODY AUSSIES instead of the boomers. shame, channel 9, shame…

  8. kobe for least valuable player.. at least he got hidden in the starting 5. imagine what his ball-stopping would do to these bench units

  9. I quite enjoyed the opening ceremony but that is because I’m English and therefore got all of the in-jokes, such as Mr Fish’s weather projection, which you guys across the pond probably didn’t get. And the kids on the beds were all from great ormond street hospital and therefore a lot of them were terminal which goes some way to explain their large role.

  10. totally agree with the medal-rounders update: tas killed it! leigh was also classic, but loses points for laziness, and trey also came up with a solid performance – but on this day, there was no chance for gold as lord anastasios melas delivered a performance that will surely go down as one of the defining moments in this year’s olympic blogging.

    but you gotta start with bronze skeets! the ceremony needs more suspense.

    ps also, if tas does really well in this thing he can call himself “Tas Medals” :D

    • @telecustom. Lazy? I had to read through Rovell’s 100 Rules of Twitter ! – Leigh

      • ok gotta give you that one :D still, Tas Medals wins on delivery alone.

        (on a higher note for leigh, he also gets bonus points for having a great accent, which is unfair to the others, but what can I say, it’s all part of the performance!)

  11. i live in Australia does anyone know any links to stream olympics? free to air coverage is very very swimming heavy

  12. Here’s the road race ending I was talking about:

    Still looks pretty awesome.

  13. I actually enjoyed them all but I thought the best part was when Team USA water polo goalie, Merrill Moses, would get REALLY excited after his team made a goal. Just really funny to see a super intense face coming out of the water with a cap on, just great stuff. I can’t seem to find a picture but it was pretty awesome. I know, cool story bro…

    Shootout to Trey & Skeets for the Shootouts during Leigh’s segment.


  15. How about this for an Olympic story? Ruta Meilutyte – 15 year old Lithuanian swimmer wins gold medal in 100m breathstroke gold. First medal won by a swimmer since Lithuania’s independency. She also broke European record during qualifiers.

  16. Tas, dont be sacarstic those Aminu brothers kicked out your Greek team. take that

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