Dahntay Jones, human cat

Oh man, this takes me back to the early days of NBA players showing up on Twitter and being just as weird as normal people. I’m not sure if Dahntay Jones’ come hither kitty that is probably supposed to be a manly tiger is as funny as Ray Allen’s full-on tiger face getup, but it’s just nice to be reminded of ancient NBA memes from time to time.

Plus, it gives us a chance to make some cat jokes about Dahntay Jones, which is something all of us are always hoping to do.

  • More like Dahntay Calicones.
  • Solid pickup for the Dallas Meowvericksm but he seemed like such a perfect fit in Charlotte.
  • Ahhhh, the elusive Dahtabby cat.
  • Wonder if he got his invitation to the Jellicle Ball.
  • According to sources, Dahntay’s new contract includes a “Love of the Climbing Carpet Covered Structures” clause.
  • “Shimbleshanks for nothing.” — the Indiana Pacers
  • He was great on that one Paula Abdul song.
  • “The Aristocats” was right. Ev’rybody does want to be a cat.
  • He is Siamese, if you please. (Also Siamese if you don’t please.)
  • Dahntay Jones is Alexey Shved’s new favorite player.

Cat jokes are actually harder than you’d think, but please feel free to give it a shot in the comments.

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  1. I can’t think of it but I know there’s a #JVGCatName joke somewhere in there…

  2. Dahntay Jones NBA career has been milky at best.
    Dhantay Tunabones.
    Dhantay’s Mavericks contract assures there will always be a fake mouse, yarn, and plenty of catnip in the locker room.

  3. I hope he isn’t diagnosed with foul-line leukemia.

    • Nice. My first thought was that Dahntay got foul-line AIDS, which helps explain his big improvement from the stripe last year (all apologies to the South Park Jared episode).

  4. It should be written as, “he seemed like such a puuuuuuuurfect fit in Charlotte.”

  5. I’ve just discovered I can sound like bane from dark knight rises. Why an I sharing this with you stranger? Because your life is a little boring right now, you clicked something about dahanty jones

  6. I think he & his lady will be the pride of Dallas. I also hear he has a contract with Red Wings, you know puss in boots. Since this is his 5th NBA team, He’s only got 4 more NBA lives left. I just hope that he stays within in his game this year, curiosity could kill the Dahntay. Now excuse me guys, I got to take a Dahntay nap.

  7. Cuban just got a corporate card at Petsmart b/c Dahntay’s working on his scratching post game with Meowjuwon all summer.

  8. Oh great, here comes Delonte West as a dog…

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