Hey, good news for you. Those backboards you’ve always wanted — the ones made from giant Dream Team faces, remember? — are finally ready. They come from Shipley & Halmos and they’re only $145 apiece, so you might as well get all three. Here’s their description:

In honor of the start to the 2012 Summer Olympics and the 20th Anniversary of the greatest Dream Team ever assembled (sorry Kobe), we’ve chosen our three favorite players (sorry Christian Laettner) from that team and created original works of art.

These are going to be great for your totally righteous Man Cave, hanging right next to the framed Brian Cardinal Warriors jersey you bought off eBay and that neon “No Chicks Allowed” sign you got from your girlfriend for your birthday. Hang them right over your leather sectional couch.

But really, these are pretty cool, if you’re in the market for a mostly non-functional backboard and rim that is only useful when taking some joke shots for a few minutes at a time. I’m not sure that I’d want to spend this much money on a wall hanging that looks like it could be made with dot matrix printer and some plywood, but I have to imagine they’d be nice among a collection of various sports memorabilia.

It’s just too bad Shipley & Halmos didn’t make a Patrick Ewing one. With all that surface area, that thing would be VERY forgiving.

(via GQ)