We mentioned this play in our first Olympics recap, but if you happened to miss it during the game, check out LeBron’s 50-foot bounce pass to Kevin Durant. If no one’s ever said that LeBron would be the best soccer throw-in artist ever, let me be the first.

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  1. Wow, in a world where people fantasize moves, LBJ/D-Wade continue to do them in real game situations.

  2. A pass like that even makes Magic Johnson jealous…

  3. Let’s give KD some credit. it wasn’t the perfect pass but he handled it well.

  4. it’s already been removed…

  5. Hmm… Now granted I heard about the pass before I saw but for a GREAT pass it’s a little underwhelming. Does he thread the needle? Yes. But Lebron isn’t moving when he throws it, and it has all the charm and flair of a throw-in. No, you can keep this pass. Instead, I’ll take this pass from Rubio every day and twice on sunday:

  6. Ya that page is down too. This one works if you can get past the commentary and poor video quality.


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