Last we heard from Kris Humphries, he was getting a huge contract and zinging Kanye West all on the same day, making it possibly the very best day in Humphries’ life. That was just two weeks ago and Hump has done a nice job of staying out of the news and enjoying his resounding victory over his new rival. It was the best of times.

But then he had to go and give an interview about style to JCK Magazine and then it was the worst of times.

JCK: How do you describe your personal style off the basketball court?

Humphries: My style is definitely unique. I would say I’m a progressive and polished hipster. When it comes to suiting up, I would say I’m the perfect representation of London-meets-Milan.

Just when you thought Kris Humphries had turned the corner and was leaving Totaljokesville, he pulls a fierce U-turn and puts down some money on a 30-year mortgage in the Whoopswind subdivision. It is like he is incapable of not sounding like a terrible reality show at all times.

On the other hand, it seems like embracing douchebaggery is going pretty well for Kris Humphries, so that’s nice.

(via Nets Daily/SB Nation)

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  1. I really want to believe he is joking here.
    In any event, he rebounds way better than his athletic ability should let him so he’s fine by me.

  2. I saw his comment on hoopshype a couple hours ago I think, and instantly thought something along the lines of “trey kerby HAS to comment on that”.
    oh boy kris humphries… what are you doing.
    he is so far and away the nba’s biggest douchebag that it’s hard to feel sorry for him getting booed all the time.

  3. London-meets-Milan, yeah sure. How about Trojan-meets-Durex?

  4. Steve, Bro, Baby Faced Kerby, Bro, Fake Tas Melas

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