I’m not sure what exactly “executive produced by” means when it’s talking about a rapper and a video game, but when Michael Jordan says it while it flashes on-screen, it must be true. As a fan of Jay-Z, the NBA and the 2K franchise who is very excited for the release of this game, please allow me some guesses as to what this will entail.

  • Memphis Bleek will be a hidden character.
  • All Brooklyn Nets attributes will be artificially increased by 6-12 percent, just because.
  • Damon Dash will be in the first half of the game, then fall off the face of the Earth once you get past game 41 of season mode.
  • If you try to play as DeShawn Stevenson, the game explodes.
  • Players drink Krug rose for championship celebrations.
  • Half the teams have Kanye West on the roster.
  • Every uniform in the game is all-black.
  • Soundtrack includes forgotten Roc-A-Fella artists Freeway, Beanie Sigel, Amil and Freekey Zekey because of an old promise to “hook them up.”
  • After you win the NBA championship in career mode, the game turns off and swears it’ll never come back. It turns on a few hours later and you have to act surprised.

Now, these might sound silly to you, but ask yourself if any of these ideas are any sillier than paying Jay-Z money to be an executive producer for a video game. Exactly. Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

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  1. Impossible for there not to be a strong Brooklyn tie-in

    Possibly a half-time concert when you play in Barclay’s?
    Unlockable Pro-Keds sneakers
    Instead of the usual horn coming out of a time out, we get a Jiggaman giggle

  2. In Franchise mode, the game will always ask you if you want to trade Humphries for Scalibrine as a personal favor for Kanye.

  3. I’m well aware that you are joking with most of these, but NBA 2k10 featured the most random list of rappers (see below) as playable characters, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Memph Bleek in the game.

    David Banner

    Big Kuntry

    Don Cannon

    Slim Thug


    The Game




    Asher Rother


    DJ Whoo Kid

    Kanye West

  4. My guess is it will have everything to do with presentation and menus and the appearance of the game. This isn’t a bad thing

  5. I hear that if your team is in NYC the night before a game, you can chill with him and Beyonce at the 40/40 Club.

  6. Jay said it was the last Video game he would produce, then he’ll do three more later this year. Also, it has a picture of Prodigy of Mobb Deep in Michael Jackson outfit as a kid as the title screen. Its a hard knock life, P.

  7. This game has ninety nine problems the music soundtrack won’t be one!

  8. It means all the players wear broken-legged Tas Melas style jeans from Rocawear pre- and post-game.

  9. 3 words:


  10. As long as there’s a surprisingly-not-completely-terrible Ron Artest song in there, I’m game. (Champions – Best song on 2k11 IMO.) Jay-Z should throw a Durant flow on there for good measure.

  11. Apparently the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is a hidden LEGEND, a 6’8″ forward with a mean fade away….

  12. I hope Barkley is in it and you can use the legends in association mode.. I traded in nba 2k12 for 2k11 just cause you could use the legends..

  13. Kris Humphries will not be on the Nets roster, as per Kanye’s instruction. Also, the Nets will go 0 for 82, which will be gravy.

  14. Freeway isn’t forgotten. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy0z8OZ00Iw

  15. in the film industry an executive producer is somebody who helps to raise money for the project, but isnĀ“t involved in any artistic decisions.
    not sure why the successful 2k franchise needs money from jay-z, so this has to regard the soundtrack in some way.. a wealthy russian might helped realize things.

  16. I don’t care what songs are on the soundtrack (though Roundball Rock would be money)

    I just hope they include more classic teams without taking away any of the ones they’ve already included.

  17. Kirby I’m disappointed. Freeway is still putting out dope stuff.

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