When it comes to NBA players who rap, which is roughly 70 percent of them, Stephen Jackson is among the best. Yeah, that’s like being the tallest Boykins or the fatter of Kevin Durant’s legs, but still. He’s not a terrible rapper, which is a compliment in this situation.

That’s a good thing, because according to Jackson himself, he’s basically going to rap forever. From an interview with KTKR as transcribed by Sports Radio Interviews:

If he plans to continue with his music career into the future:

“Yeah, definitely. Like I said, anything I put my heart and my mind to do, I take it real serious and I put my all into it. I’m going to be the same way with music. I’m going to play basketball until the game won’t let me play no more, and I’m going to do music until I can’t talk no more. That’s going to be the same way.”

Well, at the very least, we’re going to have consistent blog content for the next however many years it takes for Stephen Jackson to blow out his vocal cords, which should be at least another 30 years. So that’s good news, I guess.

As for whether or not Stephen Jackson rapping for the next few decades is a good idea, well, your mileage may vary. Rap isn’t very kind to old folks, even when it’s legends like KRS-One, Chuck D and Rakim. If those guys can’t have success in their forties, that doesn’t bode well for Stephen Jackson.

Jazz guitar, however, always sounds awesome when it comes from old, soulful gentlemen. He’s only 34, so there’s still time. Plus, he can keep busting out tasty licks even after he’s unable to talk. Get B.B. King on the phone immediately.