I mentioned this in last night’s podcast, but since it’s been the most 1992 moment of this year’s Olympics, it’s worth elaborating upon. As I am about to prove to Tas Moleas, this is far more than a cool story bro.

Up there, wearing No. 9 for Tunisia, is Mohamed Hadidane. On his feet, as you can see, are one pair of Team USA Nike Elite socks and one pair of Team USA Nike Zoom Kobe VIIs, both of which were made specially for these Olympics for the United States team. As I’m sure you guessed, this is exactly what Kobe Bryant wears during games.

I noticed this during the second quarter of yesterday’s Tunisia-USA game, thanks to that telltale star on the socks. It wasn’t surprising that another player was wearing a pair of Kobes, since that happens all the time. But it was pretty funny that a player from another country would be wearing such specifically American stuff. It just seems so fanboy-ish.

But that’s also why I wasn’t surprised when Hadidane stopped Kobe after the game, making sure to snag the autograph of what I am assuming is his favorite player.

Pretty much the best day ever for this guy, right? Not only did he get to honor one of his idols by having the exact same feet as him in the exact same game, he also got that idol’s autograph on that his shoe, which both of them are wearing. Yeah, it looked kind of strange, but I have to imagine Mohamed Hadidane doesn’t care about that at all.

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  1. My wife was mocking the guy a little when this happened. But I told her to stop. Though USA basketball is still better than the European leagues, its not as big of a gap as 92. Compared to these African and Asian countries and teams? Its like little league playing the varsity. Chances are Hadidane makes about as much money as I do playing professionally and he may not ever get a chance to play against Team USA again. Why not relish the experience? Its not like they were doing the strange shit teams used to do back in the game where they’d badger the USA guys midgame for stuff. I liked this, a lot. Hopefully it’ll be one of those things Hadidane can tell his kids and grandkids about.

  2. Listen, the price is ridiculous, but I picked up a pair of those Team USA socks at the Nike outlet. They are incredible. Everyone should have some.

  3. haha he looks so happy after Kobe signs his shoe and daps him

  4. Haha no biggie for Kobe and great moment for Hadidane

  5. Looking at how they still hype Team USA as the Dream Team over here on TV (Eurosport and German station ARD) it takes no wonder. I thought we were over the hype more, but no we aren’t. And looking at last night’s game I say rightfully so. To me it was less little league playing varsity than rec league playing super pros.

  6. In the article you put a link to freshswag and they are sold out , i found a website where you can get Team USA Nike Elite socks

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