Consider this a service to all you dudes out there with deep, powerful voices and solid resum├ęs. I’m not expecting a finder’s fee or anything like that, but I do want you to know I’m looking out for you. I’ve got your back.

Because seriously, all you voiceoverers out there are going to want to know about this. From Philadephia 76ers CEO Adam Aron’s Twitter:

Okay all you aspiring 76ers PA announcers: Apply to BUT you MUST have previous tv, radio or pa announcing experience

Sounds like a great opportunity for all you smooth talkers out there. Except for former PA guy Tom Lamaine, who I’m guessing didn’t favorite this tweet. Everybody else with silky smooth pipes, however, go for it. Shoot this guy an email and you could be the next voice of the Sixers. Only 20,000 internet nerds saw the want ad, so I’m sure the competition will be minimal and filled with people who are totally normal.

Personally, I think they should hire this guy. He’s got TV and radio experience, the world’s greatest voice and I’m guessing he is available. If you think you can beat him, more power to you.