At this point, watching a split-screen feed of Team USA games where one half of the picture is basketball and the other half is Team USA reacting to various things that happen on the court might be more entertaining than the actual games. I mean between this and Kevin Durant’s dunking dance, I can see this programming doing some big ratings, which is really all that matters. Get Dick Ebersol on the phone. He needs to hear this genius idea.

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  1. Who is he smiling at? The Tunisian dude who dunked it?

  2. That’s the same dude who played for the Utah Jazz in the Orlando Summer League. That’s his go-to move.

    Salah Mejri. He’s always the best and worst player on his team, in the same game.

  3. … Except Dick Ebersol would only have the reactions on tape delay.

  4. Random: I just realized that kobe always wears Jordan’s number PLUS 1. Had not grasped that before.

    • When did Jordan ever wear #7?

      • probably in kindergarten… george mccloud already wore number 24 when kobe came to the lakers, so maybe his diabolical plan was halted by that. or it only became a plan for the late kobe. or it’s just a coincidence, but on the other hand: it’s kobe we’re talking about, so maybe not. whatever.

  5. should be a .gif!

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