Sometimes, you just want to put on a hat made for a teenager, then post that picture to your Facebook page so that the 123,000-ish people who’ve liked it can see what you look like as a Harajuku girl. That’s totally natural, just like it’s totally natural to want to make a bunch of animal jokes when you see it.

  • More like Serge I-fox-a.
  • If you think this is weird, you should see what Mikki Moore wears.
  • There’s something on your head.
  • If the Thunder decide they can’t keep Serge Ibaka, it looks like the Timberwolves have just moved in to prime position for his services.
  • Sam Perkins tried to play in one of these during the 2000 preseason.
  • Of all the places to wear this, you would think that in the country that invented fox hunting is one of the worst.
  • Still looks better than whatever’s on Martell Webster’s head.
  • Shoutout to Yorkville High School.
  • I know he just joined the Spanish national team, but I really didn’t think he’d have to go through rookie hazing.
  • Pretty sure this is a behind-the-scenes photo from a Gwen Stefani video shoot.

Feel free to add your own in the comments. Make them extra animal-y, please.

(via I Am a GM)