Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose Olympics!

On today’s show, TBJ recaps the third day of the men’s Olympic basketball in London, England. Topics include: the American’s record shattering game, Great Britain’s near-upset of Spain, Russia’s game-winning “scissor kick”, and the hard-charging heroics of Australia’s Patty Mills.

All that, plus North Korean propaganda, Counting Crows, Phelps-Lochte beef, one-night stands, and an explanation of how jeans ended the Cold War.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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Comments (17)

  1. you guys are awesome, why do your podcasts always gotta be after significant events, why not random podcasts?

  2. With his front-running fake hustle, Carmelo reminded me of a really good Eddie House today.

  3. When are the blank jones?!?!

  4. ah yes, the olympic tbj national anthem :D

  5. I have really enjoyed your podcasts, and when exams and stuff happen at school, I love the fact that you guys always keep me up to date, whilst keeping me extremely entertained.

    Serious question this time, what do you guys think of the whole Ye Shiwen and the US Swimming “Coach?”s comments?

  6. They get 1 point for a loss to penalise teams for not showing up to the game in which case they would get 0 points.

  7. i think swimming’s a versatile sport in that 2 people of the same country can be rivals in one event, and then be cheering for each other in a relay race. 400 and 200 im: rivals. 4*100 and 4*200 free relays: jovial teammates.

    i would think you’d agree with me on that tas, no?

  8. matt for PM!

    “Your comment was a bit too short”? thanks website.

  9. Is anybody else getting “issues in the news” instead of the Jones when they click the audio?

  10. Shved played shooting guard with CSKA Moscow last season while still handing out a lot of assists. Keep in in mind that Teodosic is playing the point there.

    You also could get zero points if you have violated against general game restrictions like letting play a player who is not eligible. Rare szenarios in proffessional basketball.

  11. as an Armenian i would like to say we love boats, what we hate is genocide.

  12. A shame we can never have the 2012 team & 1952 team USA play each other so we know who’s the best

  13. Carmelo’s “Get out of here K-Love!” slayed me.

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