That right there is Tyson Gay and his eyebrows, the United States’ best sprinter, completely zonked out and #GotEm’d during Team USA’s opening game blowout against France. Or as teammate Tony McQuay, the dude who snapped the picture, put it:

Went to the USA vs France basketball game today and my bro @TysonLGay fell asleep. Got him with the bunny ears!

Or as Tyson Gay put it, while talking to the Associated Press:

“He got me pretty good,” Gay said.

I guess this is what happens when a) the game ends up as a 27-point win for the team everyone was expecting to win and b) you’re used to competing for less than 10 seconds. I mean, when your matches usually last less than Vin Diesel racing Paul Walker, it is probably hard to stay awake for 40 whole minutes of basketball, especially with the stoppages in play. Not to mention, none of the guys on the court looks like they’re running so fast that their legs are a blur, so I can see how basketball wouldn’t be that exciting for a sprinter.

To get their revenge, the entire United States basketball team needs to go to a Tyson Gay’s 100m final and do this exact same thing. Sure, they’ll completely miss the Olympics’ signature track and field event, but at least they will have made their point.

(via Fourth-Place Medal)