Yesterday and this morning, we all saw with our own two eyes — or one, no offense pirates/cyclopes — James Harden getting crossed over by Nigerian point guard Tony Skinn. In an 83-point game, it was the only non-uniform related blemish on Team USA’s victory. Not a big deal, just kind of funny.

Except now James Harden is trying to say he didn’t get crossed over when he totally did. Check out this interaction he had with J.R. Smith on Twitter, a microblogging service.

There is an old saying — a good craftsman never blames his tools — that seems pretty applicable here. In fact, you could even expand it to say “A good craftsman never blames his tools or what he is standing on” and it would still make a lot of sense.

Plus, there is this other old saying that goes something like, “Nice try. We saw you get crossed over, man. We have the tape.” It is VERY applicable here.

I will allow that some combination of a slippery floor and shoes may have made this crossover look way worse than it really was. But if you stop the clip at the exact moment when the crossover happens, well, you be the judge.

From the look of that second frame, James Harden is getting crossed over. Sure, it looked way worse once his feet started sliding, but that’s what will happen when you’re off-balance. From being crossed over. Which is what happened to James Harden.

Case closed.

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  1. His beard helped quickly bounce him back onto his feet

  2. “bro, what happen?” cracked up when i read that.

  3. I’m pretty sure that’s a full .100 deduction.

    boy got crossed up!

  4. You’re going places Trey.

  5. Ankles. Broken.

  6. It was a crossover, but a mediocre one at best. It only worked because Harden slipped. On good crossovers, guys tend to lose balance and just fall down, but they don’t slip that badly very often.

  7. He didn’t get crossed over. If you actually watch the clip, you can clearly see the guy push off of Harden.

  8. Winning Nigeria is like any other victory. Nigerians had no good coach and I think they would have done better. Besides, they were afraid of US big names….. US team lack the team spirit when the players started laughing because they were wining teams that are not basket ball nation…. Every kid in US is born with basket ball and foot ball in their hands just the way Africa and Europe are born with soccer on their legs…. So dont ever think its a big victory!!! Ask yourself, how many times have they actually win olympic Gold in Basket Ball?

  9. i can tell u that Nigeria does not really have a standard Basket ball team and so their defeat was inevitable. If they were going to play for the Olympics, they should have recruited b-ballers from universities like Covenant University and the like where they have actually being training consistently for years. and innocent i guess it is have they actually WON not win just saying… but the greatest leaders admit their mistakes in good faith instead of defending it and so Harden should set such example.

    • On their Summer Olympics roster, there are only 2 Nigerian basketball players who were NOT born and raised in the USA. And even those guys, Ugboaja and Oyedeji, have played in the States, i.e. in the NBA or the D-League. There are no better ballers of Nigerian origin available.

      BTW, that took me 5 minutes and few clicks to find out.

  10. The unnecessary addition of the word “tho” to the end of every sentence annoys the shit out of me. It’s the dumbest trend in the world.

  11. Stop trollin Trey. The first frame shows Harden knew the guy was gonna pull it back. Crap move, looked better coz he slipped.

  12. I guess you failed physics. He slipped and slid.

  13. I’m with Harden– and I have Alopecia.

  14. That remind anyone else of a James Brown move?

  15. why lying? why the denial? did it hurt? did it hurt your soul? grow up.

  16. looks like he gets punched in the gut with the nigerian player’s left hand lol

  17. Way to go james harden. 1st you get crossed than you blame ur sneakers. Good luck getting a good shoe deal when ur up for one. Blaming ur shoes for ur f*ck up is like telling a potential employer his wife’s fat smh

    • “Blaming ur shoes for ur f*ck up is like telling a potential employer his wife’s fat smh”

      Indeed. Nothing wrong with that logic.

  18. I blame the relocate-able stadium

  19. no, now it’s clear. He just FLOPPED as usual.

  20. That was a good move but it looked like he pushed up but hey you cant blame your shoes man!!

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