The Nets have moved to Brooklyn, acquired new players, got new colors and uniforms and are just generally trying to shed their reputation as the New Jersey Nets. It’s a good strategy, as outside of a couple SLAM covers, a couple Finals appearances and the existence of Kerry Kittles and Keith Van Horn, it wasn’t the most successful run in NBA history. Reload, re-brand and move on. Might as well.

And part of that moving on, of course, is that the Brooklyn Nets are going to have all kinds of new stuff to sell you. So far it’s mostly been t-shirts that rip off rap lyrics and some cool hats, but now it’s also jewelry, which is locally designed in Brooklyn. You might think that is a Brooklyn hipster joke, but it’s actually true because sometimes real life is funnier than your imagination. The Nets actually are selling jewelry made by a local artist. TrĂ©s chic.

The collection comes from Brooklynite Gabriel Urist, who has worked with a few other NBA teams in the past. There are three rings and two necklaces, which range in price from $120 to $190. My personal NBA jewelry collection isn’t extensive, so I can’t really tell you if that is expensive or cheap or what, but it kind of seems like a lot to spend on sterling silver basketball baubles. Then again, if you’re actually buying sterling silver basketball baubles, you are probably OK with spending any amount of money, because you are obsessed with your team and the fact that you’re buying a Nets ring will not dissuade you.

Nonetheless, all of the jewelry is available from Town of Basketball, which must be the finest purveyor of basketball jewelry because they are the only place selling this stuff. Maybe you didn’t know you were in the market for Nets jewelry, but now you are. Christmas is still a few months away, but it’s always good to get your shopping done early. Significant others, parents, friends — they’d all love some Brooklyn Nets jewelry, I’m sure. Get your fingers clicking.

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(via Hypebeast)