Sure, Team USA squeaked by Nigeria with an 83-point victory filled with so many three-pointers that it wouldn’t surprise me if scorekeepers actually couldn’t keep track of how many they made and just decided on “I don’t know … 29?” at the end of the game. But that doesn’t mean everything went 100 percent according to plan. In fact, I’ve found two very glaring mistakes that need to be addressed if the United States hopes to medal in men’s Olympic basketball.

The first, as you can see, is quite obvious to the naked eye — James Harden got his ankles broken and a three-pointer in his face by Nigerian point guard Tony Skinn. I’m guessing his teammates will probably have something to say about this.

The second mistake is a lot more subtle. See if you can pick it up.

If you can’t tell why these guys are getting their chuckle on, look closely at Anthony Davis’ chest. Underneath that warmup, you’ll notice there’s no jersey. That wasn’t a problem in the first two games for Team USA, but when you’re up by 30 in the first half and a coach sends you to check in for your first pre-halftime action of the Olympics, forgetting your jersey is quite the error. And judging by Kevin Love’s face, the funniest thing on Earth. He’s never laughed so hard in his life.

So yeah, two pretty big mistakes by Team USA. If they’re hoping to lock down the gold medal in London, they can’t be falling all over the place and forgetting their clothes. Those are Donyell Marshall mistakes, not the kind of things that should be happening to the best basketball teams in the world. Get it together, slackers.

(GIFs via 30fps and SB Nation)

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  1. The third was not installing a proper spam-blocker on the US team’s computers.

    The game was just a ruse for the Nigerians to trap the Americans with their inheritance-promise emails.

    Lose the battle, win the war

  2. Hah, that Harden ankle-breaker was pain to watch – the Nigerian might have invented a new move – The Hip Dislocator!

  3. So we are gonna ignore Kevin Love’s head being smacked by a nefarious warm-up passer outter? (that’s his official position on the team. He passes out the warm ups….and he occasionally smacks people upside their heads.)

  4. Props for the Donyell Marshall accidentally tearing off his jersey as he entered the game reference.

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