One of the best things about Justin Timberlake’s hair — and there are oh so many wonderful things about it that a curly-haired fellow could steal for himself, not that that has ever happened, I’m just saying I can see the logistics behind it, which I think we can all agree is only natural — is that it serves as a kind of carbon-dating service for things that have happened in his life from the mid-1990′s on. For instance, just by looking at this picture that Jimmer Fredette posted on Twitter of him and Timberlake, we can tell that it’s probably from 1997, since that’s what Justin’s hair looked like on the cover of ‘N Sync’s debut album. Not that I knew that off the top of my head or anything.

Anyways — who has changed more in the past 15 years? (P.S. Justin Timberlake has been famous for 15 years already?) Jimmer stopped looking like high school era Marc Gasol, led the NCAA in scoring, was National Player of the Year in college, became a lottery pick and switched from Converse to Spalding, so that is a pretty huge change.

Justin Timberlake, however, went from the kind of 16-year-old who bleaches his hair and wears Kangol to being one of GQ’s most stylish men alive, a geniuinely respected superstar musician (a career he has seemingly abandoned for no real reason), one of Saturday Night Live’s best recent hosts, a decent actor and the guy who helped push Eduardo Saverin out of Facebook, all while dating a majority of our generation’s most beautiful starlets. Also a pretty big change for Ol’ Ramen Noodle Head.

So yeah, tough choice. Not to mention, some people still gave peace signs in 1997. Of all the crazy things in this picture, that might be the most shocking.

(via Dime)

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  1. For reals thought that was a pic of Trey Kerby

  2. yooo trey man you gotta put your caption of the photos like underneath or somethin cvuz i always forget about them but theyre hilarious

  3. This is what bros look like.

  4. I was thinking into this sudden lull of reluctantly catchy pop love songs released by the N’Sync’s most successful solo spin off and concluded this.
    JT isn’t making any more music because he’s already won at music.
    Justin has won at music – He’s won 29 awards including Grammy’s, Brit’s, MTV’s, BET’s and many other acronyms. (nominated for 69)
    But he hasn’t just won at music, he’s won at women as well – dating Fergie, Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johanson, ect., before finally settling for Jessica Biel (Unlucky)
    and now wants to win at acting – though, it could be argued that his role in Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis was the epitome of winning in the acting world (Acting in love with Mila Kunis, takes a lot of skill) or even his role in the Social Network, becoming the first Musician to make money from Napster.
    But if that does suffice for winning at acting that would mean he’d have completed life and would left to be bored with his to-be wife Jessica Biel. Poor Justin*.
    *Justin actually rich, Net Worth 70 Million.

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