I know the NBA already gives out the Bill Russell Trophy to the Finals’ Most Valuable Player, which is a huge honor. But in light of Deadspin digging up the highlights from Bill Russell and Bernard King’s cameos on a “Miami Vice” episode called “The Fix,” I think they should expand the requirements to include an appearance on a television show.

Considering he’s the only one to play in the NBA Finals AND appear on an episode of “Law and Order: SVU” during the same season, congratulations to Chris Bosh on winning the inaugural Bill Russell Trophy for Excellence in Basketball and Being in Crime Shows. Quite the accomplishment.

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  1. No love for the Kramer cameo???

  2. Michael Richards cameo!

  3. I always knew Chris Bosh was the next Bill Russell.

  4. Crime shows are one thing, but sitcoms are wear the real NBA cameo action is:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was on Full House
    Larry Johnson on Family Matters
    Chris Mullin and Tim Hardaway on Hanging with Mr. Cooper
    Kendell Gill on My Brother and Me
    Vlade Divac, Xavier McDaniels, and Clyde Drexler on Married with Children

    Good times..

    • Oh yeah! Isiah Thomas had a cameo on Fresh Prince of Bel Air

      BTW, I thought Bill Russell did a good job right up until he shot that man, that was as poorly acted as the Evander Holyfield cameo on Fresh Prince of Bel Air

      I still like Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  5. That was intense!

  6. Bill Russell could of easily played Lester Freamon on the Wire. Thing is he can’t whittle wood with those large hands and rings on every finger.

  7. SUPER CLASSIC MIAMI VICE _ BILL RUSSEL SHOUT OUT! I remember watching the original broadcast – totally psyched for Big Bill’s appearance. Isn’t this right around the time The Kings Bounced Russel for drafting “Much Too Nervous” Pervis Ellison?

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