Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose Olympics!

On today’s show, TBJ recaps the final day of the men’s Olympic basketball preliminary pool play in London. Topics include: Team USA’s love of the three-pointer, Chris Paul’s insane pass, a spicy Argentinean squad, Patty Millions’ game-winner, and Wednesday’s four do-or-die quarterfinal matches.

All that, plus an Aussie-American bet, cold toes, Usain Bolt, David Blatt/Blaine, stupid horses, and our least favorite Summer Olympics event.

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Just wanted to weigh in on Deng, he was actually the #2 college recruit/HS senior in 2002 after LBJ so I’m pretty sure he was the go to go in HS in front of Charlie-No-Brows.

  2. Can’t wait to hear some John Farnham next ep. I’m think the US will beat the Aussies, but there will be less than 15 points in it.

  3. Good show guys. If I had to take out a sport from the Olympics, it would probably be Boxing and replace it with Mixed Martial Arts.

  4. A good sport to axe would be Walking. It’s silly and everyone cheats anyway.

    • I second that. It is the stupidest sport ever! Who can kind of walk but try to run (Except not) the fastest. It is like a race, only you go slower. How dumb. Why not three legged races or sack races or swimming with those stupid kickboards. If is a race, there shouldn’t be limits on how fast you can go.
      I Lunacy that you can get an Olympic medal for this. I would rather see Olympic events for rock climbing, Rugby, Baseball, Cricket, MMA, Kickboxing, Surfing, softball (Rounders?), Skateboarding, Kite-Boarding , Billiards, Bowling, moto-cross, chess, juggling, greyhound racing, Madden 2012, beer pong (That would be awesome!), solitaire, monopoly, skydiving, skipping rocks, and hair cutting/styling before watching people walk.

      • And if they want to keep walking, make it Moonwalking. And everyone has to dress up as MJ.

        • That Man is right.
          although i’d hate to watch olympic monopoly, that would take days. but whatever, I hardly watch the olympics anyway since there’s a whole lot of boring crap happening as it is.
          I mean, seriously, who would care about swimming if it wasn’t olympic? which means: any olympic sport will be significant BECAUSE it is olympic. hence, we might as well replace half of the current events with all those “sports” That Man suggested and marvel at how great that one russian dude is at beer pong.

      • I have top disagree with you guys.
        Speedwalkling is pretty cool to watch with friends, it’s pretty fun.

        Plus it gets even much funnier if you pretend they’re wearing suits or are just trying to get to the closest toilet.

        It’s also one of the most exhausting events in the Olympics. One guy ended up in the hospital in the last 20km race.

        If you take out speedwalking, might aswell just forget the Olympics are about sports, and call them the Entertainment Games.

        • well, maybe they would be entertaining then! ^^

          also, define “sports” and then think about what shooting e.g. has to do with that definition. might as well call it “random international competitions” (RIC)

          • Breyzh,
            The reason they had to go to the hospital is because they are Olympic walkers. I’ve “speed walked” 20 blocks in NYC trying to get home to make a deposit at the ceramic bank, and I was fine. Like Telecustom said, we only care about 90% of this stuff bc these guys have pictures of different flags on their shirts. Without that, it would be just another boring event.

  5. leigh was robbed!

    • Definitely. Leigh didn’t sell it well enough. It was better than whatever than thing about a Canadian being injured was and I forgot what Trey told. Maybe he should have just played the audio?

  6. Neigh-Neigh

    Watching glue dry is more entertaining than dressage…

    • I cannot believe its 2012 and we have HORSE DANCING as an Olympic sport.

      • Wow, I didn’t even know this was real. Just watched some on YouTube. So dumb.

      • I agree about the dressage, how can that be a sport! Get rid of all those toff sports!
        Also re Judo, did you hear about / see about a second before the start of the 100m final somebody threw a water bottle from the crowd that landed just behind the starting blocks (it didn’t disturb anyone but you could see it on the TV). The guy that threw the bottle was stood next to the Dutch female Judo champion who then proceeded to deck the guy! Thought that deserved a mentioned it gave me a laugh!

    • I vote we eliminate dressage in lieu of dog Frisbee.


    Just thought I’d try make the non-Australians people understand.
    A guy born in Scotland singing about Vietnam and Hong Kong not being as comforting as a flight back to Sydney, war and his future wife or something…Yeah Australia! Woo!
    Or to confuse people more. Either way…

  8. I kinda thought you guys would bring up the story from the woman’s heptathlon during The Podium, where the second placed athlete got disqualified and then un-disqualified because of the stupidest mistake from the judge… that was amazing.

    in case you don’t know it (which I doubt, but maybe it was only such a big deal in germany): one german athlete had a really great heptathlon and was on course to win the silver medal during the last competition (the 800?m race). she completed it in a good time and after the race, everybody was going crazy and congratulating each other (the british gal won, so the stadium went nuts), everybody was waiting for the official score. the german tv-reporter figured the german athlete should be second overall. but nothing happend and the reporter kept asking himself why this was taking so long… but then all of a sudden, BOOM, it was announced that the german girl was disqualified! now everybody went bonkers, the ahtlete realized it and was completely devastated and the guys on tv tried to figure out why but couldn’t come up with something. after like 15 mins it turned out that she was supposed to have left her lane too early during the race, but no one could find any video evidence for that. so the confusion remained and maybe another 15 minutes later, it was revealed that it was actually the woman NEXT to her that stepped on the line, but the two got mixed up! the judge just confused two athletes – that looked nothing alike (wtf?! why do they have starting numbers on their backs?!) and almost robbed the second best athlete of the heptathlon of her silver medal.
    that was just the weirdest change of emotions for everyone involved. the interview with the athlete was amazing, i’ve never seen anyone so confused.

  9. I’m against adding speedclapping to the Olympics.
    It’s really an American sport, no one else claps half as much as US citizens.

    • That’s cuz 75% of my fellow citizens are basically trained seals (body shape, intelligence, etc) with Tommy Bahama covering their rolls. I saw TDKR in NJ, despite what you see on TV the most educated state in the union, and not only did the audience clap about 10 different times, but they also boo’d and talked back….to a movie screen!!!!

  10. 13:14 – Tas Melas is the first witness to accuse Kevin Durant of assault with a deadly weapon. “We’ve seen him shoot A PERSON?!” Guys, call the authorities!

  11. This might have been my favourite overdose of all time. Great job, guys.

    Greatest tbj exchange of all time?

    Tas: What about the steeple chase? What about the steeple chase where it’s the man, the jockey who gets all the credit when its the damn horse that’s jumping all these frigging things, and we don’t even know where this horse is from!

    Skeets: No, that’s not the steeplechase!

    Tas: Oh, I’ve got the wrong name. Whatever.

    Love Tas’ definition of steeplechase. Is it factually correct? No. Is it the whole truth the truth and nothing but the truth? Hell yeah!

    I’m going to have assume that John was trying to wind us up when he said that the 100 m race is pointless. I mean, it’s only the purest form of competition in existence, right? Team sports (basketball and volleyball included) are pretty great but who is the best at putting a ball through a hoop or hitting a ball over a net doesn’t compare to ‘who is faster?’ (every race >100 m) or even better “who is the fastest?’ (the 100 m dash).

    If you don’t like the the men’s 100 m dash you don’t like competition. And sports are fairly pointless without competition.

    Also, I love how Leigh is the President of the Usain Bolt fan club. Good on ya Leigh!

  12. Also, Skeets I know that as a Canadian judge judging a Canadian competitor you want to avoid accusations of impropriety, but I think you’ve taken it too far. Tas seems rattled from a series of questionable decisions.

    Oh and let’s get rid of some of these stupid swimming events. Fastest swimming on your back, fastest swimming flopping your arms forwards, fastest crawl, fastest breast stroke, fastest swimming on your back then your front then your side then… eff off swimming! Talk about a bunch of bogus medals. Phelps has 62 medals? Who cares!

    There should be a swimming event for each distance (50 m, 100 m, 200 m, etc…) not each distance and each conceivable way to swim it.

    Oh and a final note a couple of weeks ago a guy wearing those creepy toe-by-toe rubber shoes you were talking about walked into an airport bathroom ahead of me. It was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

  13. @ alexander: true. there’s no point in looking for a point in sports. a friend of mine recently joked “why would you swim a hundred meters if you could just walk?!” – and while that’s also true, it becomes clear that from this perspective, no sports makes any sense. either you like a sport or you don’t. that’s all there is. you can’t reason with sports.

  14. The British 400m runner from Barcelona ’92 that Leigh was referring to is Derek Redmond.

    I mention this because after his injury at the Olympics he played basketball professionally in the British League. ALSO he presented an NBA highlights show on British terrestrial T.V in the early 00s, BOOM, basketball link.

    Awesome show, great job.

  15. An Aussie take on what shouldn’t be in the Olympics (amongst other gags):

  16. Sarunas JazzyCabbages

  17. Haha USA>Canada. Always&Forever. And fuck that random dude in the podcast. Mat’s laugh FTW

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