As a bro with two tattoos that I’m pretty sure no one else on Earth would consider getting and who is considering adding Picasso’s line drawing of a dachshund to the collection, I feel like I am disqualified to weigh in on this particular topic. So I’ll turn it over to you guys — Is there possibly a good reason to get a tattoo that says “I slept with Shaq” tattoo on your forehead?

My guess is that the answer is no, because duh, but maybe you’ll change your mind after reading the explanation behind why Los Angeles DJ David “Tattoo” Gonzalez (get it?) has that inked on his dome. From Los Angeles Weekly:

[The] tattoo across his forehead truly seals his gonzo credentials. Removing his Raiders cap, he displays it, sprawled in oddly formal cursive: “I Slept With Shaq.” He got the ink during a contest for Lakers NBA Finals tickets in 2001, a challenge presented by Power morning-show DJ Big Boy. Gonzalez showed the handiwork to Shaq — who was impressed — and Big Boy soon gave him a job at the station.

On one hand, this dude got tickets to the 2001 NBA Finals, props from Shaq and a job just from getting four words tattooed on his forehead, which is a pretty good return on investment. On the other hand, he has a tattoo that says “I slept with Shaq” on his face for the rest of his life.

Again, I’m pretty strongly in the “No, this is not a good idea” camp, but maybe I am being too close-minded about having maybe the worst tattoo ever on your face. A spirited defense of this life choice would be appreciated, so let’s hear your best arguments in the comments.

(via West Coast Sound)

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  1. Another sign that attention-whore Shaq is an all-world prick for approving this.

  2. I suppose this is no better than Basketball Wives.

  3. Call me crazy, but I think it’s a bad idea to get any tattoo on your forehead .

  4. “Challenge accepted” – Lil Wayne

  5. Better than, “I Slept With Andy Dick”…I suppose

  6. I was ECSTATIC when that guy no longer worked for Power 106. They typically used him as the court jester of that radio station, since he was the only one dumb enough to fall for pranks or ridiculous “dares”. He sounds as stupid and uneducated as he looks – with or without the tattoo. Somehow, he still managed to get a job with a different radio station though…

  7. Looks like it says ‘shag’ anyway. Whadda waste.

  8. the obvious question – what are the two tattoos, yert?

  9. WTF was he thinking? It’s not funny, clever, really anything. Just an idiotic tattoo that has to make the guy with the tattoo filled with regret. Why advertise your stupidity? This tattoo is an indication of why NOT to get a tattoo.

  10. I’m surprised he has not changed it to “I slept with Shakira” by now. I mean, it has been 11 years…

  11. He should cover it up with an “AI” headband tattoo…

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