I don’t care if it’s a Civic Holiday, New Year’s Day or Christmas. This is the kind of news you need to know immediately.

From Crain’s New York:

In February, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov, appeared on a Russian television comedy show called Spotlight Paris Hilton, and offered a musical tribute to his co-owner, hip-hop star Jay-Z.

“Mr. Jay-Z, this rap is for you,” went the English portion of the lyrics. “Mr. Jay-Z, this is the first presentation/of real rap music from Russian Federation. Mr. Jay-Z, you are not alone/Mikhail Prokhorov on the microphone.”

According to Mr. Prokhorov, a reprise is in the works, but this time in downtown Brooklyn, where Jay-Z will open the $1 billion Barclays Center with a series of sold-out concerts this fall. “Yes, I will rap at his concert,” Mr. Prokhorov informed Crain’s via email. “I am in rehearsals now 10 hours a day and plan to demand joint billing.”

Yeah, he’s probably joking, especially about the rehearsing and the joint billing, but I don’t care. In my world, Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z are going to form the only rap duo that could possibly be more extravagant than The Throne and that’s a good place to live. If we believe in this, it will come true.

Carry on with your day because it just got a whole lot better.

(via SLAM)